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  1. rick7423

    Just a friendly reminder regarding our QBs

    But, we will WIN IT! Not much, just the cost of your soul.
  2. rick7423

    A question for you guys?

    The Packers are a class act. Good team and great fans. Never had an issue with them at all.
  3. rick7423

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    If you park in the Red Zone, exiting the stadium is SOOOOO much easier and faster. I usually get out and am on I495 in about 20 minutes.
  4. I do, and I follow him every game and just cry knowing that we had him and let him go. I talk to a lot of fans at the games, and almost every one states that this team is just stupid in letting him get away. I would bet that one reason the stadium is so empty is that the fans have given up on believing the BS from this organization and have lost all faith in it.
  5. rick7423

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    The stadium appeared to be only a little more than half full. So many blue jerseys and the chants for Cam were deafening at times. There is NO home field advantage for the Skins. With Dallas coming this week, I am expecting a HUGE turnout for the Boys. Us Skins fans need to show up and take back our turf!
  6. Not at all. But, he is NOT what was advertised, not even close. As for being a serviceable QB, well, again, not really close, yet. I hope he learns and gets better, but don't hold your breath. This FO has been fooled again by Ried. We have the 49ers version of QB, not what was on the field last year. Stop making excuses for this guy. Never said you were an apologizer, if you took it that way, sorry. As for a game manager, maybe, but again, I don't see it.
  7. Why should we give him the benefit of the doubt here? He was brought in to make this team a winner. We were sold a bill of goods that they knew was false.
  8. KC QBR: 70.2, AS QBR: 49.9. Not really that close Really? Your next statement contradicts this to a high degree. He has not been what he was sold to be by a huge margin. If this trend continues, we are looking at a 6-10 season at best. Alex might be a good leader, but he sure as hell cannot lead when on the field. Actions are more important than words, and his ability to be "That Guy" is proving false.
  9. rick7423

    I'm tired of Charley Casserly's criticism

    Casserly is always wrong. He is a past his prime hack who constantly tries to re-invent himself and has no credibility anymore. just ignore him and move on.
  10. rick7423

    Some Hard Truths

    Here you go: He who shall not named - will tear up the league
  11. rick7423

    Some Hard Truths

    You brought it up to begin with. I just responded about he who cannot be named
  12. rick7423

    Some Hard Truths

    The quote I referenced was talking about 2017
  13. rick7423

    Some Hard Truths

    Let me see if I understand this: We had a team with an O-Line signed off the streets (1 starter), a defense that couldn't stop an old lady in a walker, no running back, CT out, Reed out, all the descent WR's either traded away or hobbled, a QB that tried like hell to carry his team, who also had one of the best passer ratings, QBR, was #1 against the blitz... and he sucks because he threw to a receiver on a timing play that got intercepted. Yea, right. KC was not perfect, far from it, but why is it always the QB who gets the blame? This is a team sport. 11 on O, 11 on D. Every facet must work and be proficient for the team to win.
  14. Stats? Stats! We don't care about no friggin stats! We could have a QB who passes for league leading yards, QBR highest in NFL, with all the stats in the world to support him, and he would be a FAILURE if the team loses! Oh wait... we did. This is Extreme Skins! Stats are for fan boys.