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  1. You are right, 2 loosing coaches, not denying that at all. And, I really was not impressed with either. My comments are accurate though. Even though both were losing coaches, they are still high quality NFL coaches who know how to evaluate players and if they are ready and capable of being NFL starters. Neither thought so. Also, Case and Colt were just really bad, but neither of those were considered franchise players as many on this board, and elsewhere, think Haskins is. All I meant to say, and did so poorly, is that Haskins has potential, but, IMHO ONLY, is not the a
  2. To be honest, this is short sighted as well. Say what you will about Jay, he didn't see Haskins as a starter. Then Callahan was in and he also struggled to put Haskins in games. Like them or not, that is 2 seasoned head coaches that had no faith in him. The kid is most likely a very good backup at best.
  3. Because... FedEx Stadium is the garbage pit of the NFL? I was a Season Ticket Holder for 8 years, and I can attest that this stadium is worst I have ever been to. Just plain awful.
  4. I will freely and admittedly admit that I am a novice at this. But, I have a gut feeling that this draft could make or break the Skins. We are in the enviable position of being in the hunt for a premier DE, or QB. These opportunities do not present themselves very often. Analyzing the current state of the team and deciding on our future could very well hang on this draft and have a lasting impact for the next 10 years. It is entirely possible that the top 3 prospects in this draft could have lasting impacts on the teams that select them, pro bowl caliber for sure. Now,
  5. How is Bryce Love? Any news on him or anything?
  6. Really? He felt slighted at being drafted behind RGIII? Funny you should mention that, but it was actually the exact opposite. RGIII was deemed the savior and resented KC being drafted in the same year. RGIII had the ownership and management ear (Bruce and Dan) and did everything to contaminate this team against KC. It was obvious to the most casual ob server other than those blinded by the "Savior". You, my fiend, are one that was blinded. Dan and Bruce wanted RGIII to be the man so much that they did everything to make KC feel unwanted. So many reports on this are available. RGII
  7. Man, I know I am not as smart as most of you (especially The Hangman- C_Hanburger) but wow, the venom and hatred for Kirk is just unwarranted, (IMHO ONLY!). A wise man once said "opinions are like a55holes, everyone has one but everyone else's stinks". So very true. All I really can say is get over yourself. Kirk gave us some good years, not perfect, but when he played here I always thought we had a chance. I haven't had that feeling before him (1 yr with RGIII) nor since. Haskins is not the answer. I will agree with The Hangman- C_Hanburger on one thing, we
  8. No, he did not. As all of these guys will tell you, it is a business. To be honest, he probably told Jay this exact comment, you may never know as neither will ever tell you everything that happened behind the scenes of that cluster frack of a team.
  9. The Giants game was worse. It felt as though the ENTIRE Stadium was BLUE.
  10. So... you are saying Alex fits a dysfunctional, poorly built, horribly managed team. Not saying much. Alex showed nothing when he played other than he did not turn the ball over. He was 'under-whelming' at best. The team won games under his leadership despite his poor play.
  11. Marshal? While he was the original owner, he was also wildly and radically racists to a level that would make most people blush. No, not the Marshals. Re-brand to something like the Washington Warriors or just take the name Washington Sentinels (from the movie).
  12. I saw a stat on money paid to IR players, and the Skins are far and away No 1! The Dolphins scrapped their entire roster and are playing with (basically) scrubs, with a payroll $100MM less than the skins, and they are scoring TD's and are competitive. I love this team, have for decades, but I am in total revolt right now.
  13. Unfortunately, this is the truth. For the past several decades, Sundays in the fall were reserved for watching the Redskins and heaven help anyone who interrupted that! Ex-Season ticket holder, and happy as hell I have my life back. Maybe one day I will watch again, but not this year. I refuse to support this train wreck this year. Not that anyone really cares.
  14. I would agree on this. Yes, he made some bone head plays, all QB's do, even the best. What was special is that he is durable, reliable, and consistent (for the most part). With a good run game, and a competent defense, quite a few of those losses to .500 teams would have been wins. KC is NOT a QB that can put the team on his shoulders and gut out a win week in and week out. Brees, Rogers, and Brady can, but not many others in this league. So many more games were lost because of the porous defense than because of KC's play. But, this is a game where fans will blame 1 guy for all the
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