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  1. What a real shame, God rest your soul Colt. May Colt's family find peace, Hail Colt.
  2. Coach Rivera , I hope you will conquer this insidious disease. I wish you a quick and speedy recovery, and may your family and your self find strength and courage from all the thoughts and prayers from the fans, the franchise and from the general public.Stay Washington Strong.
  3. This is a sad situation. I am wondering if the S---s seized on a opportunity to rid them selves of a troubled and oft injured player. Yes I was on the band wagon when the S---s drafted Guice. When Guice damaged his knee in the Preseason against the Patriots I knew the injury was the beginning of the end for Guice. The Washington franchise had to stand by Guice for contract obligations. Now with a culture change , and obvious legal and character issues, S---s saw a opportunity to rid themselves of a basically a non productive player. I hope Guice will be able to find pe
  4. I became a Redskin fan in 1969. My mother scored some tickets to Philly/ Skins game in November. I was about 11 years old and this was my first visit to RFK. What a eye opener! The score, 28 t0 28 , I remember the Skins and Philly played to a tie. Watching the fans reaction and the roar of the crowd was mind blowing to me, that is when I became a Redskin fan. Unfortunately Vince Lombardi did not stay with us, as cancer claimed his life, who knows if Vince was able to stay on this earth what might of been. Hail
  5. Sorry I am not politically correct in my usage of "Struck Down" in regards to Dexter Manley' s battle with the Covid 19 . I was just expressing my concern for Dexter Manley.
  6. Wow. sorry to hear about Dexter struck down by the Corona virus and glad to hear Dexter is battling back from the virus, a true warrior. I remember running in to Dexter back in the day circa 1980's at Rick "Doc" Walkers restaurant in Fairfax city,Va. Really cool dude. Hail
  7. The look on Latimer's face AKA his body language , portrays a image of "Yeah so what If I did this, who cares?" I think the current Redskin ownership,trying to instill a no BS culture and a no BS coaching staff as far as player integrity and good character will not stand for this garbage. This is a no brainier, Good bye Mr. Latimer and good luck. Hail
  8. Man I am glad the Skins drafted Charles. Yeah I know he has some discipline issues,but we all know Coach Ron has probably set him straight on what the expectations will be from now on. Big thing we just got younger on the O line. I hope Saahig Charles works out for the Skins.Hail
  9. OK . the third round is over, Who do the Skins draft in the fourth round? How about Saahdig Charles OT tackle from LSU, 6' 5" 328 LBS . Needs some work on technique and there is a 6 game suspension for disciplinary reasons, for what indiscretions not mentioned by the LSU coach Ed Oregon, as a "coaches decision " sounds like there was a difference of point of view between coach and player . Saahdig Charles a recipient of the 2019 Joe Moore award given to the best collegian offensive line. Skins need to find a replacement for the Trent Williams debacle
  10. Yeah K Dawg I am on the same page. Skins need some specialist players. Hell if you can draft a kid who can multi task, Skins are getting more bang for the buck for a kid who might just fulfill two positions with speed that kills. Hail
  11. Don't know how Gibson will fit in the scheme for the Skins. I would like to think Gibson is a hybrid player with a lot of speed. Projected as a wide receiver . Maybe a kick and or punt returner as well as a slot receiver? Hail
  12. Man this Trent thing is a real anchor on this franchise. Hopefully Denver takes a chance. Hai,l
  13. Well so much for the Skins getting a trade with the Browns 2 O tackles still on the board
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