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  1. The Story of Meredith Barber, Robert Griffin III's (Completely Fake, Lying, Fictional) Side Chick bit.ly/12Fyjvz

  2. Redskins vs. Cowboys on Thanksgiving is on NFL Network right now.

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      Too bad that I can't replay all of the FB trash talking too!

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      Wonder how it ends. :P

  3. I'm not big on unis, but I really do think it's sad we'll probably never see these unis again. Team had a couple chances to wear them after the Panthers game and decided not to. Probably think they're jinxed.
  4. Most quarterbacks wear red jerseys during practice. That wouldn't work.
  5. This is the worst helmet in the history of helmets...
  6. I just don't get why people dig insane uniforms. People went crazy of the Seahawks unis and I still feel like they're overly busy and kind of stupid looking. The Jaguars new uniforms are ****ing hideous. That two tone helmet thing...WHY? Who focused grouped that? Which player looked at those helmets and said "Yeah, that's the hotness." The Bills and the Vikings both improved their uniforms a ton by going back to a simplier, more clean looks that were more reminiscent of their classic uniforms. We have a very simple, very defined uniform. There is literally no reason to change it. It's not a case of the "older fans" (I'm only 26) not wanting it to change. There's just no reason to change it. Are our current unis dated? No. Are they ugly? No. Have people stopped buying jerseys? No. And on top of that, when you get hung up on stuff as stupid as whether or not there's color around the collar, you're never going to be satisfied anyway. If you're paying attention to the uniform when the game is being played, you're watching the game the wrong way.
  7. The Redskins are one of the richest frachises in sports. Not in football; in sports period. RG3 sold more jerseys in a single year than any player in NFL history. Yeah, I'd say that they weren't "hemmoraging" money.
  8. How the heck did you end up with 14 picks?
  9. The first time through, I got a D+ on drafting ability but a B on Player Quality. I traded the 51st pick to Denver; I swapped second round picks and picked up an addition 3rd and 4th. My picks... Round 2 Pick 26 (DEN): Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (B-) Round 3 Pick 23: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut (A-) Round 3 Pick 28 (DEN): Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia (C-) Round 4 Pick 22: A.J. Klein, ILB, Iowa State (A) Round 4 Pick 28 (DEN): Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas © Round 5 Pick 21: Matt Scott, QB, Arizona (C-) Round 5 Pick 29: Duke Williams, SS, Nevada (D-) Round 6 Pick 23: Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt ( Round 7 Pick 22: Justice Cunningham, TE, South Carolina (A) Now that I know how this thing works I'm going to play with it some more...
  10. Roddriggo really illustrated some points I have. I mean...these unis are ugly as hell... These look classy as hell The Eagles Kelly Green and Silver unis look bad ass... Their regular unis look cartoonish and dumb, like they were desiged to look good in Madden. The simpler the uniform looks, the better to me. Adding black around letters and numbers, nonsensical stripping and randomness everywhere just looks plain bad to me. White pants or gold pants doesn't matter to me and is really nitpicky to me; we stil have one of the better uniforms in the NFL regardless of what color the pants are. And is it precisely because they are simple, clean and have a history behind them. People say "well we haven't won anything in these uniforms since the 1980s, it's time for a change". So? The Vikings haven't won anything every and they've changed their unis three times now and they still haven't won anything, and now they look ugly pretty much all the time unless they're playing in the Fran Tarkenton era unis. Tradition is always a good thing. I get why a team like Denver changed their unis back in 1997. They were hideous when they first put them on a hideously outdated by the 90s, and they got a nice, streamlined, clean look. I'm happy their going back to the orange jerseys. But our unis? They look frakking awesome to me, especially compared to some of the other **** teams have to pay in.
  11. What modern unis do you guys like that don't look totally goofy is what I want to know? I like our unis. I like tradition. I think it's weird that people go "Oh, well, we've been losing forever in these uniforms, time for a change", like it's been the unis that are problem, or that they represent losing somehow. Most fan renders of "modern" unis I see look down right hideous. I like that we're one of the teams in the NFL that doesn't change a whole lot about their uniform. I'd also like to know how many of you would snatch a crayon out of your child's hand when they use a yellow crayon to color something like a treasure chest full of coins that are supposed to be gold.
  12. It's probably just a numbers game, guys. Wouldn't take it as an indictment of the gold pants. Maybe Bruce was pissed because he couldn't get the gold "gold enough".
  13. For frak's sake... The anniversary unis are based on the unis we wore in 1937. They ARE based on tradition just by the simple fact that they're replicated as closely to the 1937 jerseys as possible. As for the current unis, we haven't seen the friggin' away unis yet. I'll venture a guess that the "one burgundy stripe/one gold stripe" socks will appear. Socks...we're talking about socks? I mean, seriously. We're talking about socks.
  14. ...What the hell are you on about? You mean those socks? The ones we're wearing RIGHT THERE?
  15. Okay, let me explain. Technically, the Ravens have 3 uniforms. They have the purple on white, and the white on white. The black on black is alt. Now, they can mix and match those uniforms as much as they want; Purple on Black, White on Black, Black on White, et all. But those are the ONLY combos they can have; they can't randomly decide to have a fourth uniform with purple pants or something. Your only allowed 3 "uniforms". How you mix and match them is your business. For our unis, we had the Burgundy on White as our Home, the White on Burgundy for our Away, and then 75th (special white jersey with gold pants) was our Alt. How we mixed and matched our unis was whatever; Burgundy on White, Burgundy on Burgundy, White on White, White on Gold, Burgundy and Gold, White and Burgundy. But the NFL says that we can't have a fourth uni, or an extra pants set. Nike already has unveiled two of our uniforms; we have our home, Burgundy on White unis, and our 80th anniversary alternates. I'll take a wild guess and say that our away jerseys will be white on burgundy. That means no gold pants, unless we're going to go white on white on the road. Which would suck.