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So who downloaded the Consumer Preview the other day? I downloaded and its pretty cool. You can definitely tell its made for tablets or touch screen PCs, but it works pretty well on my latop. The Metro screen takes some getting used to, but overall, I like it.

Here are some links for those that are interested in it:




Download link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview

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I downloaded the developer version and it seems cool. The Metro screen is kinda weird and am not used to it, but that will change in time. Maybe you can turn it off. One cool feature that was added is you can now mount an iso natively think you can creat too.

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How does a consumer preview work? Does it have to overwrite the current OS, or does it just run in a window?

If it gets written over the current OS, how long do you have it for? Is it fully functional?

I partioned my hard drive and put windows 8 on it. The consumer preview usually lasts until its actually released. I believe the W7 preview lasted a month after the actual release date.

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This kill switch thing sucks though. They can delete things remotely from your pc. Hackers could potentally get in your pc remotely as well.


your phone (and i'm assuming you have a phone from the last 4 years) has had a kill switch. apple has used it on certain apps for the iphone. windows used it to turn illegal copies of vista into duds basically (I know because I had one).

no more then a scare tactic.

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Came out today

I don't know what I'm thinking updating this laptop to Windows 8

I just hope all my school programs (VB studio and NetBeans) are compatible

---------- Post added October-26th-2012 at 07:06 AM ----------

Alright, this stupid piece of junk has been stuck on "checking apps and devices" for what seems like hours

It said "This will only take a few minutes" :(

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Alright...the installation finished and then I was subjected to a bunch of Microsoft propaganda and products which I promptly refused

First thing you see on the start menu is a bunch of damn Microsoft news and crap. Listen, I like to get my news too, but I want it from somewhere not named Bing. I don't know how to edit gadgets yet to provide the same functionality, just from Yahoo!.

There has to be a lot of adjustment, as there is no longer a Start Menu and I can no longer access my critical programs quickly. The good news is that Visual Basic seems to be working properly, although I have not attempted to code or compile anything yet.

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I thinking of getting a cheap second desktop just to use for work - since I work from home; looks like new pcs will have Windows 8 on it.

So, Windows 8 worth it?

I got my home desktop right before Windows 7 came out and never did install Windows 7; those discs sitting and gathering dusk. My laptop though has windows 7.

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