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CBSSports.com: Packers Jolly arrested again on drug possession


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Jolly, you are an idiot. Its a damn shame, because he's a good young football player and I would have loved to have him back, especially with Cullen Jenkins' likely departure. Now we're going to have to rely on Mike Neal,, Justin "out-for-yet-another-season" Harrell, and whoever we pick up in the draft to take over on the D-line.

I mean, seriously. Who gets busted with drugs in his car for playing loud music, gets off with merely a year of "don't do anything bad", and gets caught with the same goddamn drug in his car because he was pulled over for doing something stupid and then getting his car searched again because the dumbass is driving on a suspended license?

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I'm somewhat amused that Jolly and Jason Peter's arrests have gotten less media attention than Dez Bryant swearing at an off-duty cop.

There really is an absurd level of focus on every negative story out of Dallas

Well, lets be honest here. It's not an unearned amount of focus on dallas no matter how hard you shut your eyes and plug your ears. Dallas, like the raiders, have earned the focus they get regarding player run-ins with the law. Not to mention a high-profile rookie like Bryant who had character questions coming in to the league is going to draw immediate attention no matter what team he was on.

As to the topic, it's a shame that Jolly's addiction is going to possibly land him in prison. Going to prison sucks as is, but to go to prison where you have years to sit there and think of the chance you had and the chance you blew is torture. Hopefully one way or the other he is able to get things turned around in his personal life.

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