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This was my first time visiting that site. Pretty cool. I went all the way back to May, 2001. Everything looks so prehistoric.

The amazing thing is that while Mick, NavyDave, bulldog and Die Hard were talking football like they are now, I was a twelve year old kid in middle school, probably sitting in detention. :ols:

It really speaks to the longevity of this site.

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I love this site.

Here's my site from back then with my infamous rant animation in the corners. I got so many comments on that, and to this day people STILL think I'm a Jets fan because of it.



Your hilarious cartoons prompted me to join ES back in November of 2004.

It's amazing how much this place has evolved throughout the years.

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The version of the 2005 site doesn't look like what I remember but it is interesting to see the huge jump in members that occurred that year. I remember all the vets talking about that when I joined and that shows it pretty blatantly.

It was exactly what I remember: http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20050406011819/http://extremeskins.com/banghaha/intropage/index.htm

Classic stuff.

Great site.

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I didn't doubt for a second that the issue was my memory. But it looks so different than today I would have thought I'd remember it better. I know I was absolutely enthralled with this place for a while.

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