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I'd never even heard of it until I found out today that 2 of my schoolmates had it done. I've known of the process being used in African tribes, but I never knew what it was called. If somebody would have mentioned scarification before today, I would have thought they were talking about Seal's face or the name of a heavy metal band.

So am I out of the loop since I live out here in the boonies, or is this no longer taboo? Also, does anybody else find it as disgusting as I do?


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I thought about doing this for my first "mark" (since I can't call it a Tatt), What is left is a raised scar of what you desired, I saw one where someone got a biohazard symbol electrocuted into their shoulder. I thought it would be a cool thing to get a raised scar of the Script R... Turns out I just got the tatt

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