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OF: Redskins Beat Big Bad (just ask them) Jets - Stream of Consciousness Recap


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August 28, 2010

You know, I have to say this. It's preseason. It's meaningless in almost every regard. But sometimes you just really want your team to beat someone else.

Last night was one of those nights.

The New York Jets are doing everything they can these days to call attention to themselves and assume the role of AFC East schoolyard bully. Thing about bullies is, they better be able to back it up.

New York Lite got on a nice run after squeaking into last year's playoffs with a 9-7 record, and apparently the attention got good to them because they haven't stopped talking since. Rex Ryan, their corpulent head coach, may well turn out to be a great. But he may also turn out to be just another front-running loudmouth. Most people I respect don't start acting like the former until they are well on their way to disproving the latter.

Not so with Rex--he's cashing in "look at me" chips like pocket change.

Fair enough, that's his choice. But to me he's setting himself, and the Jets, up for epic ridicule if they turn out to be just another team. Which through three weeks of meaningless-but satisfying preseason football is pretty much what they look like.

But enough about that. On to the game.

Stream-of-Consciousness Recap

(Preseason Game 3: Redskins 16 - NY Jets 11)

Here we go again.

What follow are real-time notes and observations made during last night's preseason tilt between the Reskins and Rex Ryan's big bad (just ask them) New York Jets. It has been edited only for grammar, punctuation and clarity.

August 27, 6:55 pm EST

- So, Rex Grossman is the Redskins starting QB tonight. If you'd have told me that this time last year I'd have asked you to pass the doob. Do they still call it that?

- I refuse to let JT (Joe Theismann) get under my skin (Skins?) tonight.

- First look at the new stadium...not much of a crowd at kickoff...where's the Jets buzz?

1st Skins possession

- first pass by Grossman a 3-step drop--KS (Kyle Shanahan) not going to let jets tee off early.

- Moss! Big first down conversion to get things started. Have Skins gone 3 and out yet on first possessions...?

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I would've loved to see that pompous ass Rex lose in a REAL game.

I think you will, my friend. They're good--at least defensively, but what they better hope is that they just suck at "vanilla" because the offense looks pretty pedestrian. No real sense of danger there beyond LT's occasional scamper. Maybe Sanchez is holding back, but as of this point I just don't see a scary passer there.

Best one yet om....love the quick snapshots of the game especially since I missed it...should continue this into the season it's a good read

I'll probably do that, at least for a while. Good focusing tool and a chance to go back and look at the real-time reactions to the flow of the game honestly after the fact.

Thanks, all. Wouldn't have expected these to catch on.

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Let's not forget HOW the Jets got INTO the playoffs last year
Exactly. Because the Colts LET them in. Literally.

And the Bengals.

The Jets were 7-7 in week 15, and lucked into playing the Colts week 16 (who had the #1 seed wrapped up by then) and the Bengals week 17 (who had the division clinched and were either #3 or 4 seed, not too concerned with which one). Both teams rested their starters, and the Bengals paid for it dearly in the playoffs by losing round 1 to the Jets. If either team had given a crap, the Jets are 8-8 and sitting at home instead of making a run to the AFCCG.

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