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  1. I didn't add "if we win", because your question was how far do we drop, if we win.
  2. Once you make the payoffs, regular season record doesn't matter as much. Teams that lose in first round pick before teams that advance It we lose tonight's game, we are at 19. If we win, all of this weekend's losers pick before us because we advanced which puts us at 25, assuming we lose next weekend.
  3. The winner of the SB picks 32, the loser 31. Pretty sure it works backward from there. The losers in the AFC and NFC champion games pick 30 and 29, with the team with the worst record of the two picking 29.
  4. Worse than that. The teams that lose this weekend would 19, 20, ..... If we win we will pick at 25 I think.
  5. Collins is 6'4", 260 lbs and highly rated in pass coverage. Several mocks have him available at 19. That works for me if we have addressed QB via free agency. Then we would need to load up on the offensive side of the ball.
  6. Assuming we get a vet/starting QB in free agency, I would love to trade up for LB Parsons. That would cement our D in the top 5. Can we get from pick 19 up to about pick 9 with our first, second and fourth round picks? Would Parsons be worth it? This would still leave us with two third round picks that could both be used to help the offense.
  7. Is Steven Montez getting any reps this week? Any with the first team? I think we should start Alex, once we see the bucs defensive coordinator rip up the Hienicke portion of the game plan, we sit Alex and let the kid become the legend he was destined to be.
  8. If Ron goes through free agency and the draft without adding a starting caliber QB, I will be extremely disappointed in our coaches and scouts. If any QB currently on our team, from starter to practice squad is our plan A come training camp, I think our GM and coaches have failed us.
  9. We went 5-2 over the last seven games. Tampa went 5-2 over the last seven games. WE ARE WORTHY!!!!!
  10. Just a feeling, but if Cam was here all this season, we don't make the playoffs. I also can imagine a rift between Young and Cam.
  11. please no. I could be wrong, but have always seen Newton as a whiner and a distraction, not a leader. Plus, he can't run anymore and is not an accurate passer.
  12. One big question for this game: Will Tampa's WR1 play or is he out? If he is out, we have a much better chance of keeping this game close. From ESPN: Evans' MRI revealed no structural damage to his knee, a source confirmed to ESPN, as first reported by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer. The source said it's too soon to tell whether Evans will play next week in the playoffs, but the team is hopeful. Actually, the "Team" is hopeful he misses the game.
  13. Hail to the Redskins, hail Football Team. Braves on the warpath, crush old Tom Brady.....
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