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  1. On his first int, we gain 5 yards on first down, but holding call moves us back i think we then lose 5 yards making it 2nd and 25. Haskins is then pressing and blunders. On 2nd int, we gain 9 on first down, but offensive PI makes it first and 20. Again, our qb is pressing. Haskins game would be very different if those 2 penalties don't occur. He still needs to be better. I will be looking to see improvement after the penalties that put us in very bad down/distance situations.
  2. G I thought Brandon Sherff was hurt. I don't see him on the injury repot. What is up with that? IR?
  3. We have a td pass play of 40+ yards and another of about 20 yards. Add a run td and 2 fgs. We win 27 - 20.
  4. Rams doing good against eagles, but struggling with the run. Maybe our run game is better than week 1 showed. 2 game lead in the east? A man can dream....
  5. I live in SoCal. Is there some radio app i can install so that I can listen to the game? I don't even mind a slight delay.
  6. If we happen to win this week, and I think we can, we will be the talk of the nfl. We will have beaten the reigning nfc east champs, beaten the team that beat the nfc champs and we will have the browns up next. If we look good while winning, it will be fun to watch the bandwagon fill up like an uber at a bar at 2am.
  7. The most important ability is availability. The 141 games vs 113, shows one thing where Ryan clearly out paces JJ.
  8. I've been through the desert (on a horse) / (with a team) with no name....it's good to come home with a win...
  9. Nevermind - can't link to picture
  10. It is not exactly a movie, but A Band of Brothers is outstanding. I think it is made up of the 10 one hour episodes.
  11. I have read 2 pages and not a single post informed me of what you all are talking anout. Please someone give a recap.
  12. Now I read, according to Grant Paulsen: Redskins declared Gibson as a wide receiver at No. 66
  13. Gibson is a WR. Or not, according to the next post.
  14. No way. Outside of our team and our team needs, I don't know jack. That is why I read this board almost daily, but post only about twice a month. I respect your effort and knowledge, even though I don't always agree.
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