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  1. ILikeBilly

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    The Tua Bowl: You have to lose to win.... The Redskins lose by winning 31 - 17
  2. 28 giants 21 Redskins
  3. On Terry's first catch that was called back, they called it illegal motion on Sims. I re-watch the play several times and could not see the problem. Everyone was set but him he went across the backfield turned around and went back across the back Field. He clearly was not moving forward. Does anyone know what the problem was on his motion?
  4. You should give one away to the first person to guess how many games it will take Terry McL. to break all of Jerry Rice's records..... I am guessing 172 games.
  5. ILikeBilly

    2018: Start of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Dynasty

    1 win, 2 loses. Dynasty...
  6. For what it is worth, if 4 people run a race and one guy runs it in 10 seconds two people run it in 11 seconds and one person runs it in 12 seconds, one guy gets first place two guys get second place and the last guy gets 4th place. and that is how you should look at the statistics above.
  7. ILikeBilly

    What Actually Impressed You? (Week 1 Edition)

    Something that was very different from last year. The eagles had the ball late in the first half and we're getting the second half kickoff. Last year, the eagles would have scored at the end of the half. Yesterday, we held them and then had a 2 minute drive to end the half with a field goal.
  8. I almost don't care about this season. Next year is THE YEAR! Top 10 defense for years to come, Haskins, young WR core and RB combo of Guide and Love. Next season begins our SB window. With luck it lasts 10 years! That is why I can't sleep.
  9. ILikeBilly

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Close game, but the refs make the difference. First of many offensive PI penalties that will be called this year will reverse a big, game changing play by one of our WRs and our offense will not be able to over-come the refs. eagles 24 Redskins 17.
  10. HoF qb, but possibly an even better announcer. I was one of the large group that would mute the TV and and put on the radio so that I could hear the Sonny, Sam and Frank broadcast.
  11. When you start 54 of 56, you are not hurt way too much. Biased much? Were you one of the people that wanted the DT instead of our guard?
  12. ILikeBilly

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    What if RGIII turns left and runs out of bounds late in the Ravens game. We go deep into the playoffs and possibly win the Superbowl. Robert has all off season to learn the game instead of doing physical therapy all off season.
  13. ILikeBilly

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Could he retire, losing about 40 million over the next two years, but be hired as an assistant coach with a 20 mil per year salary? This would alleviate our salary cap issues and give a big middle finger to the league for the cap penalty back in 2013...
  14. Does the YPA or depth of receiver account for the where the wr is located? A receiver 10 yards deep in the middle of the field is about a 15 yards in the air pass, but a wr running an out on the far sideline is more like a 25 yard pass. It seems this should be accounted for when determining wr depth.