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POLL: Who has the better sig line


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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

code's, without a doubt. I never found Alisa Milano particularly attractive anyway. Anna stomps all over her.

Plus, bigzak's sig stretches out my screen.

Yeah...bigzak's sig stretches out my....er....screen too! :cheers:

Alisa Milano? I'M NOT WORTHY!!!

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Originally posted by bigzak25

I'd do both of 'em.

Sorry to stretch out the screen fellas.

I was trying to unobtrusively add to the scenery, while

making it easier to find my last posts.


Actually if this is stretching the screens then some people need to get a new monitor or change the resolution. 800/600 and 1024/768 are the norm now.

My bad it does stretch 800/600 a little :laugh:

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