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Vegas: Chargers Favored By Only 4 Points!


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the dallas line was a gift but I avoid these types of games like the plague... on one side you have a bunch of starters who just don't want to get hurt before the off-season, a coaching staff that spent more time on their resume than a gameplan, and on the other side, you have a squad of second stringers who are as predictable as a roulette wheel...

gun to head, I like the skins on the moneyline due to the starters versus the jv squad but I still wouldn't touch it...

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This will be a confusing game. Neither side has a particular interest in winning.

In other word it will be just a waste of 3hrs if I watch it, lol j/k I am still gonna watch it. This will be the last time I can see them until August 2010!

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