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  1. Tony Romo was an UDFA and definitely a franchise qb, so you can go that route as well. It's just that you probably won't have a decent quarterback for the next century if that is your quarterback acquisition philosophy.
  2. True, but whether you are getting quarterbacks in the early rounds, mid rounds, late rounds, or through free agency, you have to be either lucky or have someone that is good at evaluating talent at the position. In 21 seasons, only one quarterback has been the primary starter for 4 years (Cousins). Honorable mention to Ramsey and Campbell (3 years). That's horrible, especially considering that Ramsey and Campbell only lasted as long as they did because of their draft position. The chances of getting a franchise quarterback in the first round is poor. But getting one in later
  3. I think everyone is probably relieved that Haskins is staying away from practices right now. He'd be a cheap backup, so someone will probably offer up a late round pick for him.
  4. This one comes down to the punters. FT has a clear advantage. Way better.
  5. Surely there was a discussion about Haskins during contract negotiations with RR. Also, given the agent's tweet, RR had to know that Haskins wasn't going to accept a demotion without a fight. I can think of a lot of reasons that RR may have pulled the plug this week, but at the top of the list would be defensive players getting in RR's ear about losing the team completely. Especially if Allen has been performing well on the scout team.
  6. Just a wild guess, but I suspect words were spoken when Haskins found out that he wouldn't be starting this week. Words that couldn't be taken back. The WTF is the NFL's version of The Bachelor. Every season becomes "the most dramatic season ever!" Fun for a while, then you just start expecting this ****.
  7. I don't think the important question is whether or not Haskins should be starting. What's important is whether or not WFT will be building around Haskins for the future or going in a different direction. Haskins may never be a good quarterback, but he surely will not excel with the current offensive talent. If WFT decides that Haskins is the future, then veteran help is needed right away on the OL and he needs a good second receiver. And a running back who excels in pass blocking. And a tight end that can catch would be nice. I think RR is a good coach. Good coaches can evalu
  8. Question for the start-kyle-allen crowd: If Allen starts next week and plays decent through the end of the season (say we end up 7-9), what happens next? Allen is on a one-year contract. Do you try to re-sign him and forego drafting a quarterback with the first pick? He'll probably want enough money to guarantee that he'll be the unquestioned starter at least for 2021. If he sucks this year, what good did it do to start him? If he's in-between, the end result is a worse draft position and not much else. Sometimes you need to accept that you are in a bad situation and make the
  9. Not disagreeing, but can you name someone on offense other than McL that gets the benefit of the doubt if he doesn't improve?
  10. I wonder how many football fans outside of DC could name even three offensive starters on the WFT. In retrospect, I'm starting to believe that we should have traded the Chase Young pick to a fringe contender and built up the offense. The offense has only one healthy player that would start on most other NFL teams. That's pretty pathetic.
  11. Don't worry about things you can't change. Haskins is a cheap starter and his salary is guaranteed through his fourth year. I don't see how his starting hurts the team. We have the worst offensive starters in the NFL. Right now, changing QBs would be like rebuilding the engine in a Pontiac Aztek. Drive it until it stops running and save up for a new car in the meantime; i.e., fix the ****ing OL.
  12. No disrespect to AP, but at some point you need to look at each player individually and ask whether or not he gets the team closer to Super Bowl contention. AP get the team closer to 4 wins. He'll be sporting a yellow jacket before the next playoff win.
  13. From Dallas's standpoint Vs Washington - Last 5 years: 8-2 Last 10 years: 14-6 Vs Giants - Last 5 years: 7-3 Last 10 years: 13-7 Vs Philly - Last 5 years: 6-4 Last 10 years: 11-9 I live in Dallas. Everyone knows that there is a historical "rivalry" with the Skins, but in terms of Dallas fans thinking "anything could happen because this is a rivalry game" or "the Skins are a thorn in our side", those days are long gone. Washington has won both games in a season twice this century. The last time Washington won three games in a row was in the 87-88 seasons (they
  14. Trent wants an extension at the top of the market for OTs. That takes away the financial gain in having a rookie starter. They already have a veteran, who already knows their playbook, with no more guaranteed money left on his contract. Or they could pick up Jason Peters who played for 3.5M last year. Plus, Zimmer isn't the type that puts up with drama for very long. That's why Diggs will be enjoying playing in Buffalo. That bridge has been blown up.
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