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  1. theTruthTeller

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    My comment was in reference to Case being a franchise quarterback. There's nothing particularly wrong with Fitzpatrick, like Case he's started for a lot of teams, but none of those teams built anything around him. That would be crazy. Similar to Fitzpatrick, Case is on his fifth team in eight seasons and all of the other teams have been at least as good at evaluating quarterback talent as the Skins. He's good enough to be a starter on a team that desperately needs a starter. He's not good enough or young enough to be planning drafts around.
  2. theTruthTeller

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    Case is a somewhat younger Ryan Fitzpatrick. That's all.
  3. theTruthTeller

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    In the second half, Prescott looked like he was in pre-game warm-up drills. No rush, no coverage. I wonder how many teams have won a game when they were out rushed 213-47. Anyone who thinks this team is heads and tails above the Giants is crazy.
  4. theTruthTeller

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I'd be all for an early Bye-Bye week, but I'd like to know where the quality coaching replacements would be coming from. And why they would be better.
  5. theTruthTeller

    Guice Injury and Med staff

    4-6 weeks is what I heard. We'll be 0-5 when he's at the beginning of that window, so it would make sense to put him on IR and give him a full 8 weeks. But why start doing things that make sense.
  6. theTruthTeller

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    According to the article, Reed has averaged 53.4 yards per game against Dallas, with highs of 70, 70, and 75 (all in losses). I'm having a hard time considering that to fall under the term "owns".
  7. theTruthTeller

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Early Season Battle

    Gruden emphasized that both Guice and Allen could be back this week so many times that I think there is a 100% chance that neither will be playing. Perhaps Nicholson as well. And Reed. And of course Trent. The Cowboys will be missing Tavon Austin, who was a decoy against the Giants, and Quinn (suspension). In other words, just about nobody. The Cowboys love long methodical drives. The Skins defense will be exhausted by the end of the half. Cowboys defensive backs are much better than Philly, although their DL doesn't create as much pressure. I just don't see any reason to believe this can end well. Cowboys 42 - 17.
  8. Technically, I don't think Trent has been cleared for contact.
  9. The fact that he's hidden serious injuries in the recent past makes it even worse. I'm not blaming this on the medical staff - maybe they told the coaches that it could be a problem. But someone screwed up.
  10. From BH's link above, it appears he went to the tent in the first half (DG says he went to take a leak), then played after that. If that's the case, someone in the chain of command has some explaining to do. Maybe the damage was already done, but it sure is going to foster speculation that Guice went back into the game because AP wasn't available and that made the injury worse. Sure, this happens all the time in the NFL. It's just that it happens every week to the Skins.
  11. Unfortunately, colleges play injured players all the time. He definitely had a reduced role for a number of games at LSU. He's a tough kid.
  12. i'm looking forward to the Gruden "why do bad things keep happening to me" face at his press conference, followed by the affirmation of the complete confidence he has in AP.
  13. Multiple people on this thread have noted that Guice seemed to be running differently yesterday. I didn't see the second half, so I don't have an opinion, although on the replay of Guice's touches, he seemed to be dancing a bit. Was he ever taken to the tent?
  14. theTruthTeller

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    This is a team with mediocre talent and mediocre coaching. Most of the time, the Skins will play average boring football, but they'll have moments that appear to portend greatness and moments that signal imminent catastrophic failure. Yesterday they happened to have both of those moments in the same game. In the end, they lost because their just not as talented as Philly, either from a player or coaching standpoint. The result was expected, it just feels much worse because the Skins had an early lead. Early leads means there is plenty of time to lose.
  15. Can't help but believe that AP has been pushing to get Trent back ASAP, and that has fractured some relationships. This doesn't make sense for the first game of the season.