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  1. theTruthTeller

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This would be Bruce's welcome gift to whomever is unfortunate enough to be the next GM.
  2. theTruthTeller

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm not sure that's true. Admittedly, the number of decent FA QBs that might come here is minuscule, but no one is going to come for 3rd string money, knowing that if they signed and Alex did come back at training camp, they'd probably get dumped at a time when the entire market for ****ty QBs would already have been filled by Fitzmagic, Cassell, Osweiller, etc. As for a trade, I have to believe that fleecing Bruce is something that all other GMs see not just as their job, but as a matter of professional pride. Like if you make a fair trade with Bruce, then you have to pick up the tab for all of the other GM's drinks at the Pro Bowl. Or all the other GMs will be slapping you on the back about the trade and when you get home, your wife will ask you why you have 30 post-it notes on your back that say "I lost my **** to Bruce Almighty".
  3. theTruthTeller

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I fail to see how pretending that Smith might be back next year gives even the tiniest illusion of real leverage. It's not like every agent and GM didn't see what happened with their own eyes. So what if Bruce calls someone and says "you know, we're not desperate because, you know, Alex will probably back by week 3 and, you know, his leg will be stronger than ever, you know, and we may start him at running back." No one's going to give us a deal because Alex might be coming back. Anyone who has a decent backup to trade, and that's not many teams, will be drooling when Bruce calls.
  4. It's going to get confusing when someone shouts out "Fat Rob get your ass over here!"
  5. Rob Ryan. Rex Ryan is next.
  6. Ironically, it was the 47-14 loss to the Redskins which caused him to be fired as DC in NO.
  7. theTruthTeller

    Starting QB 2019???

    Dammit, I just ordered a custom Fitzmagic Skins jersey off Alibaba. Should I switch to Cassell or Weedon?
  8. theTruthTeller

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It would be awesome to have an injury free year - then we could be ranked 19th from start to finish. That would shut up the naysayers. Good times are right around the corner!
  9. theTruthTeller

    Starting QB 2019???

    Maybe I should have explained. He currently gets $4M/yr, the same as Gruden, except he only works 21 weekends per year, during which he plays golf and dines at the best restaurant in town on CBS's dime. I'm sure he'd be an exceptional coach, but he's about to become the highest paid sports announcer in history -- after his second year on the job. He has a young family at home. Maybe he'll be part of an ownership group someday, but he'll never play again and he'll never coach.
  10. theTruthTeller

    Starting QB 2019???

    Y'all know this is crazy talk, right?
  11. The Cowboys went 13-3 in a year where they lost both their first and second string quarterbacks in pre-season, leaving them with a 4th round rookie QB to start with one week of preparation. They lost their starting LT for 3 games, starting LG for 13 games, Dez Bryant for three games, starting CB for 9 games, slot CB for four games, starting strong safety for 4 games, backup SS for three games, Demarcus Lawrence for 7 games. I'm not counting the loss of their first string RB from 2015, because he wouldn't have had that many snaps anyway, or their starting middle linebacker (Rolando McClain) from 2015 who was suspended by the team, or randy gregory (out for 14 games), or Jaylon Smith (drafted knowing he would not play). Of the 7 wins by the Redskins this year, only one (Cowboys) was against a team that ended the season with a winning record ( and the Cowboys didn't have a winning record at the time), three of the other wins were against teams that have since fired their HCs. The Carolina game was a nice win regardless of their record. In five seasons, Gruden has had a winning record in the division one time. His one season with a winning record in the division came in a year when all the other teams in the division had losing records. I'm not saying that Gruden is a bad coach because he couldn't overcome the injuries. He's a mediocre coach with no signs that he'll be more than mediocre. Everything can't be blamed on the FO - if he has no input on players and the FO can't put a team together, why did he sign the extension, especially after Scot was bounced? Have some self respect and move on.
  12. theTruthTeller

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think there is another explanation. The older fans here will remember the Seinfeld episodes where George changes his life around simply by doing the exact opposite of his natural instincts. If Dan could just make that one crucial change in his leadership decisions, we could be looking at a Super Bowl by 2022 at the latest.
  13. If I were lucky enough to have had business success that allowed me to buy the Skins, and then fans - lots of fans - blamed me for single handedly destroying the team, I wouldn't look at social media or talk radio either. No one would. It's like having your baby die and behind your back everyone talks about how it was your fault. I think he knows the level of dissatisfaction, but is taking shelter in people he considers friends because they tell him that the fans don't know what they're talking about. Of course, they're not really friends, they're sycophants with their own best interest in mind. Surely, Snyder envisioned just the opposite happening. He would be the toast of the town, and the model for future owners, bringing new business acumen to the world of old school lazy owners. Now he's stuck with a cobbled together "team", one of the worst stadiums in the league, a shrinking fan base, and abject hatred focused directly on him. As I write these words, I'm starting to feel sort of bad for him. I do think he genuinely tried to improve the team. He just wasn't good and he wasn't lucky.
  14. theTruthTeller

    What if Snyder had owned the Skins during the glory years?

    Is anyone else surprised that "snyder" hasn't become a verb, meaning to take something good and screw it up beyond recognition? Not just in business, but in everyday life. Like "I was baking Christmas cookies today and I snydered a batch in the oven". Or "Things were going great with Roxanne before I snydered everything by texting Lola."