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  1. Right. But both teams only had one pant color (except an alternate). Limited choice
  2. Both teams wearing gold pants?? Thats a uniform rules violation, i'm pretty sure.
  3. Only because I haven't seen our White on Burg in years. Not sure Nike even makes Burg pants for us. What other combo would we wear?
  4. The last time we played the pack in GB (As you can tell, I miss our White on Burgundy) we had our white tops and burgundy pants. Since GB only has Gold pants, what do you think the chances we go back to our Super Bowl uniform days? I'm not sure Nike even made burgundy pants for us. Hopefully we don't come out White on White, terrible. I grew up with our White on Burgundy, so i'm pullin for it.
  5. BleedinBurgNGold

    **** the Cowboys

    I love how they still try to claim they are 'Americas Team' and Haven't won a Playoff Game since 'Jerry Maguire' came out in Theaters! Eff Dallas. All Hype. No substance.