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Ronnie Mervis wants to buy the Redskins.


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Got it from DC Sports Bog Twitter.

It looks like there are some angry rich fans out there also. They say if they reach 10,000 petitions, they'll "try to buy the redskins". If anything, it seems like a good PR stunt knowing Danny wont sell the team, but i signed it. Might as well. Long shot at best, but its like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber... "so you're saying there's a chance..."


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@MervisDiamonds: should we start a petition & have all the fans chip in a few bucks & buy team

this was an older tweet from them.. umm... us buy it? or you buy it?

yeah, after further research. it seems like nothing more than a PR move. but who cares. let's at least let em know that we need new ownership..

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