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Madden Simulation per ESPN: Skins 16 Rams 10


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In what turned out to be an ugly game between two teams determined to turn the ball over back and forth, the Redskins kicked three field goals and scored a first-quarter touchdown to earn their first win of the season, 16-10 against the Rams.

Jason Campbell completed only 22 of 46 passes for 251 yards, including one touchdown and one interception, as he just couldn't find any consistency in the passing game.

Things were even worse for the Rams, however, as Bulger managed to complete only 14 passes, fumbling twice and throwing one interception.


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We need a convincing win today and JC needs to play like the 5 year pro that he is.

It's pretty sad when Madden Football has you winning by less than a TD, at home against one of the so called lesser teams in the league.

Not as sad as putting stock in a madden simulation. Did you see how they got to that score? It's pretty garbage. For one it has SS making 3 FGs....

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Thats probably pretty close to the actual score but I don't see Campbell having stats that bad. Zorn won't allow it.

To have stats like that Campbell would have to go deep 15 times to Moss or Kelly. If he did that he'd have 2-3 fumbles with at least 1 ran back for 6.

Man, some people really can't wait to hate on JC.

It's pitiful, really.

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If we win by less than one touchdown against the rams at home coming off a tough loss, I'm going to write an angry letter to the football gods (whom apparently hate me)...

Redskins, 24-10 (we still won't break the 30 point barrier, and I'm guessing we never will again no matter who the coach or QB is, it's just too hard for us for some reason)

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