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Redskins vs. Jaguars Prediction Thread

Toe Jam

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"Done. Done and I'm onto the next one" -Foo Fighters

The Jaguars have some shifty backs and good hands, on their offense. David Gerrard is no joke either.

I think we'll be testing our running game, without CP, in this one.

Jaguars - 10

Redskins - 23 <-- Testing the kickers as well

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What happened to the 24 hour rule with the previous game? Lot's of things to discuss about last night's game. TJ? Is starting new threads your drug of choice?;)


No. I've been starting the prediction thread the morning following the game. Maybe it is too soon, though. :whoknows:

I'm just the kind of guy that likes to plow on to the next week.

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I don't care about score, but I think we'll see a lot of the running backs trying to keep/get their jobs. Lots of rotation. Hopefully Marko will solidify the 5th WR spot. Mike Williams will show if he has the potential to be a legit football player.

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Skins sit everyone after one series. Jags are trying to sell tickets.

Jags 31 Skins 10

Pretty much my sentiments except for the score. This game is going to be backup time. Brennan and Daniel will probably make for an entertaining position battle. Marko has already earned himself a spot on the team but it will be interesting to see Aldridge, Dorsey, and Mason go at it for the backup RB/special teamer positions. I'm not one to make predictions but I'll take my Skins any day.

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