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Ideas for Bachelor Party (Bethesda area)


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That sounds like a pretty weak bachelors party. No offense.

It's not exactly my cup of tea either, but it's his bachelor party and we're going to do what HE wants to do. I'm not about to say F-it and fly him out to Vegas just because I would have a better time.

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I need ideas for one in Little Rock....

He's already nixed the idea of a strip club, because we're all pretty sure his brother is a whiny gay *****, so if the strip club is on the agenda, the brother won't want to go...

My idea was to get dressed nice, (button up dress shirt, tie, khaki's) and barhop downtown Little Rock... Then get a suite in downtown so noone has to drive.

But this is the first one I've ever been a part of, so I don't have any experience...

BTW my best man speech is going to be KILLER

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