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  1. Well, this past Saturday, I completed my first 5k. Took me 75 minutes. But this wasn't just a road race. It's a trail run with Zombies and other obstacles. As you are running the course, there are people dressed up as Zombie's who try to take your flags (think flag football). Your job is to avoid them. Some of the obstacles included a maze, crawling under barbed wire, walls to climb over. I also had to swim across a lake. Which was freezing cold. There were some logistical issues with the set-up of the event, but all in all it was a great time. Can't wait until they do it again next year.
  2. OMG. did I just read a "North Shore" quote in your pic Unsonny?
  3. It's a good thing you didn't say his name. It's like summoning "Candyman"
  4. seems pretty cruddy to post everyone's real names...whether others here know them or not.
  5. What's really scary is kids who were born when the simpsons started can drink legally.
  6. No. I sing outloud. When I was in Walt Disney world with the family in August, we'd all sing it. crap...now I am singing it to myself. monorail...(what's the word?)...MONORAIL!
  7. some people hunt for sport...others hunt for food. The only thing I'm hunting for, is a wardrobe that looks gooooooooooooooood.
  8. That seems to be more of a Drag name than stripper.
  9. My **** sister in law keeps getting charged with drug offenses...then the states attorney never prosecutes. she's got a horseshoe up her ass the size of Rhode Island. I hate her. I wish they'd lock her up already. Today she managed to somehow get her trial moved from today to 11-28-12. **** her.
  10. I wonder...how many "top 5" sports related polls are going to be created on ES in the next 5 days. Maybe I should start a thread with a poll and find out
  11. When my wife and I bought our house, we had carpet installed in our basement before we "moved" in (I'm sure you can guess where this is going). A few months later, we notices some seriously wet patches after a heavy rain. The asshat who sold us the house sold it KNOWING and not disclosing a serious leak in the foundation wall (he drywalled over it). He had died and we were left with no recourse other than shelling out $5k to have it fixed and a french drain installed. My wife and I are both using this a motivation get into better shape. I've dropped down to 225 from 235 already. Plus we're
  12. I am now registered for my first ever 5k....well...5k and obstacle course.... www.runforyourlives.com I'll be happy even to finish as a Zombie. I've still got a little less than 3 months to train. I'm now at a 35 minute 5k. my goal is to get that under 30 minutes.
  13. Anyone going to the game tomorrow at M&T? It will be my first. Don't really care too much about soccer, but looking forward to a good time.
  14. Has anyone else seen the new kate upton pics from gq yet? Im just trying to steal acw's thunder.
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