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Well folks I finally finished my helmet. I can't wait to get back home to showcase it for the hometown crowd. I'm getting lots of attaboys down here but it's not the same as riding around DC with it, where it would really be appreciated. Hell I might even be able to get off with a warning by the cops for with this thing. :movefast:

Somebody asked for a German style, so I made one of those too. It's over in the "Classifieds" section.





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U taking any orders? That's awesome!

Haven't decided on whether I want to take orders or put them on Ebay as I finish them. So, I'm guessing I'll probably do both, depending on the response. Check the Ebay link over on Classifieds and PM me if you're interested.

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Very nice!! The art work is amazing.

Be careful trying to sell them' date=' Snyder may try sueing you.

Remember the artist and the painting of ST he wanted to sell, Snyder put a stop to it.[/quote']

Great job, but yes I echo the person above. Using their logo for financial gain is definitely a no-no. Snyder will have fun with you :)

However, I would bet that if you went to Redskin Park with the helmet and spoke to some of the people in management, maybe you could work out a deal.

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