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  1. Yup, if they can continue to recycle big men over the next 4-6 years who can give you as many double-doubles as Gortat/Nene do, that's solid. I think we all want to believe Porter will grow into his body and give us 10-14 ppg and that 6-8 rpg. Not sure we can expect bigger averages from him.
  2. How many games this year have we had a 25 point lead get shrunk to less than 5???
  3. Do the Knicks players have the most tattoo's out of all NBA teams?
  4. I hate that Vesely has to play so many minutes. I hope Porter gets well soon....
  5. Noob here, thought we traded that pick for Gortat? What does "protected" mean? If we suck so bad and the pick is 1-12, we keep it? Otherwise we give it away?
  6. I'm really anxious to see Otto Porter play as well as everyone else here and on the team. But I am just as excited to see Nene and Gortat play together on the floor this year. Gort seems to be very comfortable and moves well around the basket for rebounds. Wall and Beal seem to be clicking. I am overly anxious to see these guys continue to jell. Ariza/Webster seem to fill their roles well enough to get by. Who would Potter replace on the roster? Seraphin doesn't get many minutes, but he's efficient with over 55% FG%. Harrington gets a good amount of minutes, I guess he could be the one
  7. We're really only committed to Wall (assuming he gets his max deal), Nene (this is the problem contract), Beal, Porter, & now Webster. This team could and probably will look drastically different after next season. Fair to say the're using this as another development year for Wall/Beal and now Porter? Next year the "big" men in the draft are much more talented than years past right?
  8. Doesn't he have the potential to be a very good 6th man? btw when does the NBA release their schedules approximately? I'm looking to plan a short trip to Orlando (I live in Jax) when the Wiz visit.
  9. Ehhh....That trade wasn't terrible at the time. Arenas screwed that up...Miller could have been a strong compliment to Arenas aggressive style. I think that draft was also guard heavy..and since we traded for a SG and had Arenas at PG we didn't really need one. Hindsight is always 20/20 but that trade did not look so bad when it happened. This rumor being discussed currently looks horrible.
  10. NBA.com analysis has us going with SG Ben McLemore....I guess they don't see Beal having a future...! Porter at #3 is a bit high but he's a need so let's do it! Plus he won't hold up a roster spot when Durant comes to DC in a few years to be near his favorite football team and player RG3
  11. who would score in that scenario? Howard was a beast toward the end of the year but only averaged like 15 ppg right? Nene and Webster aren't 20+ ppg guys...Beal hasn't proven that yet but he's probably the most likely candidate.
  12. I hope Beal comes back healthy for the last 10 games or so, I would like to see more of him and Wall in the backcourt. However, if we're without some guys and lose some games I am fine with that if it improves our lottery chances. I have seen enough from Wall, Beal and Nene to be happy about next year. Seems we have some good guys in Seraphin, Webster, Singleton and Booker that if they come back they can be valuable role players/bench guys. I hope we get a strong PF-C in the draft.
  13. I am very narrow sighted as the tournament is pretty much the only college basketball I see, but I was not impressed with Zeller from Indiana. He didn't seem to be anything special to me, looked like a solid all around game but nothing spectacular. I hope we don't land him.
  14. Not sure I understand why you quoted me here?
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