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Marcus Mason?


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With Betts out for a month is Mason available? Is he floating on someone's practice squad and ready to be scooped up or is he non-claimable. It'd be nice to see the feel good story of the pre-season return.

I really liked Mason's heart and his effort. He reminded me of a Byner.

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We can pick up anytime and activate him on the team. Hamilton will likely be the first one cut. But who said, Betts is out for a month?

Zorn. On Channel 4 News with George Michael. 2-4 weeks. Said they will bring in a few RBs to have a look and that he, Sherman Smith, Vinny, etc will make the call but that he is "the ruler". :D

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Tryon: F

Torrence: F

So would it really matter?

i don't think tryon has seen the field for a defensive snap yet. I would still rather have torrence on the field because of his experience. he gave up 1 big pass. ONE. He had good position, and if that ball wasn't underthrown it probably would have been incomplete. torrence has played decently this year as a 4th CB. people quickyl forget he was the one who tipped the pass against the cardinals that Carlos picked off.

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