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  1. Yeah i sure did. I figured that with all the attention being paid to our WR situation and who is where on the charts this could be a central location to talk about the status of our WRs. How the corps looks as a whole. Especially the development of our 2 young guys during the pre-season. At the very least itll eliminate the threads for "KELLY KREW" or what ever else may come up.
  2. With all these dedicated threads popping up i thought i would get in on the fun and dedicate a thread to our WR corp. With the battle going on for the #2/3 slot and the #5; as well as the development (or lack there of) of our young WRs we can together experience the joy and (growing) pains to come from our WRs this year... HTTR!!!!
  3. **** the ****'n Cowboys and all their dumb*** ****'n fans Cowboy fans are the worst ****'n part of living in Texas This thread is GREAT...5 stars!!!
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