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There's only one A-Rod.

Spaceman Spiff

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I just turned on sportscenter a little while ago and saw the play from last night where Aaron Rodgers threw his touchdown pass. Pretty cool play, the receiver lost his helmet but still took it in for 6.

But the whole thing was killed by the idiot announcer calling Rodgers "A-Rod."

"A-Rod back in the pocket to throw, A-Rod looking to the right side..."

Calm down, cool guy. There's only one A-Rod and he's a geriatric pop star humping purple lipped homo who plays 3rd base for a 3rd place team.

Not only is Rodgers not even in the real A-Rod's class, he doesn't even deserve a clever nickname yet. How about Rodgers actually getting out from Favre's shadow first?

God I hate it when announcers try to sound cool and original. In this case, you're neither, idiot Packer announcer guy. Just quit.

Sorry, just had to :rant:

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