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Skins Win-Loss Record This Season?


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How will the Skins do game-by-game this season? What will be their final record? My take at:


What's your take?

10-6,+Cowboyplosion and yes Zorn is the Buc's Gruden, taking a great D and a woeful O to great heights following a great coach departing.

:koolaid: :2drunks: :koolaid: :40oz: :1stplace: :fortune: :hump: :wewantd:

That enough for ya.

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11-5 is totally doable. Split home and away with the East, go 3-1 against the AFC North (Pittsburgh kills us for some reason) and drop Zorn's return to Seattle (sorry, too much recent history there.) The AFC North is shaky, and we couldn't have gotten much of an easier slate aside from those (DET, STL, SF, NO).

It's a very easy schedule, at least going on last year's performances. Everybody talks about how tough the division is, and it's true, but it's only six games out of sixteen.

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11-5 or 12-4

i mean we were a couple plays away from winning 10 or 11 games last year with THAT conservative offense....imagine what we can do with a little more FREEDOM

exactly. Run the ball like we always do, and don't be afraid to score points. A few JT sacks that we didn't have last year makes this a better team.

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3-13 with wins over Arizona, Detroit & Cincy.

Put the pipe down man! :)

I think your pessimism is right on based on what we've seen in the past but I'm drinking the Kool Aid. I think the fact that the Skins are returning most of the starters from last season, coupled with a good defense, and a new offense is the recipe for 10-6.

The team last year had leads in almost all of the losses with the exception of the Patriots just CRUSHING them. I think with a good offense (if it is in fact good) the Skins will do well this year.

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The scheduling gods did not do us any favors. Got to start off hot and that means a win or very close hard fought game opening night. 3 of the first 5 are division foes on the road.

I am going with 10-6 Wildcard :koolaid: if everybody is healthy. Any key injuries to the O-Line or secondary and we drop to 7-9.

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Not a bad win/loss projection~ with healthy players;

His Projection MINE - only posted the ones I disagree on

@ Giants (L) ?

Saints (W)

Cardinals (W)

@ Cowboys (L) W

@Eagles (W)

Rams (W)

Browns (L)

@Lions (W)

Steelers (L) ?

Cowboys (W)

@Seahawks (L) ? (this game will be tight and close scoring)

Giants (W)

@Ravens (L) W (yet another close game)

@Bengals (W)

Eagles (W)

@ 49ers (W)

As much as I want to see us beat the gnats, they ARE at home and coming in as superbowl chumps; I see us winning against the cowpukes at home; Seahawls will be close~ Zorn isn't stupid to their system; and Ravens, well~ I don't think the Ravens have improved that much, but they do have a desire:D

So, I "project" for Coach and the TEAM ~ 13 W 3 Losses.

We will make the paloffs and NOT as a Wildcard.

Again, all players need to play to their full potential, stay healthy and continue to learn the WCO.

THIS is the REDSKIN Nations YEAR :point2sky

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Let's hope you visit less often since we're gonna be so bad.

If you want me to visit LESS often we need to have a dominant, WINNING team. At that point there wouldn't be any need for me to get out any anger and frustration related to the team, so there wouldn't be any point in me being here in The Stadium.

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I think we get off to a quick start (3-1) and Dallas gets 3 games of tape and a win at their place. Then, we rattle off 4 wins to the break and are 7-1. Steelers beat us, we get redemption at home vs Dallas and lose in Seattle (again) but get a run of wins the last 5 games.



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