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  1. All of the jersey numbers that have been held for legendary players should be formally retired (as Redskins) then those numbers should be made available for use.
  2. “Washington Warpath” The song would still get played. The name is tied to the song. The song is tied to the city. Yep
  3. Keenum is going to work. He showed it in MIN. Great move!
  4. This team is easier to watch than the Blatche/Young Wizards. Beal is going to be very productive.
  5. The Burgundy/White looks great with the Nike shirts since the burgundy is darker. It looked horrible for years when the shirts were cardinal red. The gold pants should be worn at home only as long as they are eligible for the postseason. I
  6. The collars suck. Nike will take some heat for that from all over the league. I think WAS should wear gold pants for home games, and only wear them until officially eliminated from the playoffs. wht/red, wht/wht and red/wht for road games.
  7. White on red at home. 75th throwback spears on the road when applicable.
  8. Red shirts at home sucks! Marty rocked the boat in 2001 because he is a control freak. I guess he felt that going against 20 years of tradition, badgering Darrell Green and starting Tony Banks at QB would... ...damn Norv wasn't so bad after all.:doh:
  9. Home: White on Red Away: 70th Anniversary Throwbacks Red on White sucks. I would love to know what our record is (red on white) 1981-2006
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