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It's time for "TRUE" Extremeskins Fans to step up and be counted!!

I see the dedicated people here that have been fighting for Chief Zee as the "Most Fierce NFL Mascot, some giving up sleep and voting manually for hours on end. Me being one of them, (my wife thinks I'm crazy).

However I think that there are many, and I'm thinking "MANY" other members on this board that have either been to busy or do not feel the way we feel to get this for Zee, who have not voted or have just spent very little time on this. My point is we get some help here, there is a good chance that Viktor's cheaters could steal this from Chief Zee.

We know that somebody on the other side is using an automated system to catch up the votes at night. We need some type of plan to fight the automated system they are using overnight to make up so much ground.

There is nothing worse then trying to play fair against "CHEATERS"!!!! Let the word go out that for the next two days we need "EVERY" member of this board to help us get this for Chief Zee!!

All of you that have spoken to Chief Zee, at the Extremeskins Tailgate, Training Camp, or any other place, know that there is not a better person or a better Redskin Fan on the face of the earth then Chief Zee!! He has my deepest respect and graditude for all he has done for this fan base and the Washington Redskins.

If you need help on how to vote more then once legally, manually, just go to the orginial thread for voting for Chief Zee and we will help you set it up. We owe this to the Chief, He deserves to be know as the best Mascot "SUPERFAN" in the NFL. I know he is and you in your heart know he is, now let "EVERYONE" know he is!!!!!!

That being said it's time to "KICK SOME VIKTOR *** FOR ZEE!!!!!!!!!


MODS if this is not allowed please move it as I don't want to to have NNT or anything like that. I posted a comment like this in the orginial thread but as some one told me I was "preaching to the chior" We need to get the word out!

VoteChiefZ.jpg VoteChiefZ.jpg VoteChiefZ.jpg VoteChiefZ.jpg VoteChiefZ.jpg VoteChiefZ.jpg
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This is a call out to all ES'rs. Please go to the thread title "NFC Title at Stake" and help with the voting. Our beloved mascot, Chief Zee, is battling it out with the Vikes mascot. We have been able to hold the Vikes fans off but they have gained ground the last 2 nights and cut the lead from 20k votes to a little over 4k.

There is a way to vote multiple times and we can PM you on how to do it.(don't want the vikes stealing it)

There are over 200 ES'rs on here at this point and 100 votes each could put us up by 20,000!!

I know this could be considered a duplicate thread but those of us who have been voting night and day would REALLY appreciate the help. I'll risk being NNT'd for awhile.

Also, If there are any friends or family that you can recruit, that would be GREAT.

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Maybe merge this w/ skinfansince63's thread. That has a little more info there.

Suggest using bold letters in the title thread though.

On the contrary, I suggest we clone this baby 3-4 times for this forum, and stick some more threads like this in every ES forum. :)

redskins.com doesn't seem to want to do much to help us out...

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The thing I have noticed is the AFC has less than 100K in votes than we do If we take this we will surely capture the title of the NFL's MOST FIERCE MASCOT!!!!!!!

If every team doesn't gang up on us :laugh:

Just an FYI, you can link the button in your signature to the site so people can click on it to vote.

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I won't sleep well if we don't have 54% by dusk.

And, btw, I do have to work tomorrow.

Yes, I do actually have a job.

I know. 53% could dwindle. Hopefully we took the wind out of the Vike's sails. I have to work until 7 pm tomorrow so won't be able to contribute until 8 pm or so.

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