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5 Years Later, I Graduated!


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Good lord that was the longest five years of my life, but I walked the stage yesterday!

But it's a pretty good feeling knowing that I'm getting a glorified piece of paper that will enable me to teach physical education as well as many other opportunities.

So, I made this post pretty much to say this:

WHEW! :laugh:

It's also a post to congratulate all the other extremers who walked and/or are walking the stage in 2008 and in years past! We're taking over (one city at a time!) :)

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did ya get a secondary BA in PE ? or a specific branch of kinesiology?

Nope. All of those classes are covered within our PE degree. Teacher Cert is a long process, it's tough to do additional course loads while going through teacher Cert at Brockport.

I've checked with a few local gyms around here about employment for the time being and they all tell me that I'm more than qualified for it. :)

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone!


We're definitely going to try to make it out again this year for at least one game! MAYBE training camp (hopefully) :)

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