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My New Redskins Den(merged)


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I am not done yet but I wanted to show a few pics of my new Redskins den.

I added onto my bedroom taking half of the enclosed porch.

My new den exits out onto the pool deck.

I live in Florida now and just wanted to get an idea of what you all thought of it so far.


:cheers: Nice start man. I like the 21 above the exit to the pool, very nice touch. Did you use the Glidden team color paint?

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Yeah I used the Home depot paint. It is perfect.

The hard part is going to be around Taylor's name and number with the thin gold outline

Yeah she is. I made it private though cause she is my 15 year old daghter.

Yes it is a fathead it is huge.

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LOL it's ok. He was respectful, besides I won't come back up there it's too damned cold up there. Its 80 degrees here today.

Thank you, I didnt mean it in any other way but respectful. I skate myself and was just trying to say that is a difficult trick for anyone to do.

Back to the topic, nice room bro.

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Big Mike stepping up and commenting on the mans 15 year old. good move.


yeah man, cuz it was so inappropriate to say his daughter knows how to ride a skateboard.

dont try to twist that **** into something its not.

Come on Big Mike, you know that was funny man.

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Agreed #99. That was funny stuffs. LOL.

Smithrob, your Skins room is da bomb. I can't wait until we get our basement finished so I can hook one up of my own. I didn't know there was a team paint color, I'll have to look that up when the time comes.

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Thanks! Yes it is home Depot. I will be putting an LCD TV on the wall and have cabinets for a built in desk on order, just waiting for them to ship.

Another problem I have it I don't have enough wall space to hang all my memorabilia etc.

The wife said I could use the calendar of the cheerleaders as a border, (I have several of the last few years) If we didn't have two girls. LOL!

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Yep, Home Depot has the official colors of the NFL. Maroon, black and yellow works great too. :silly:

Well, I guess it's about time for me to show some pics of my Skins room. I'll do it somewhere else, so that I dont' hijack your thread. I've been holding off because it's not finished yet, but then again I don't think it'll ever be completely done.

Great room! :cheers:

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