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Dexter Manley to Fed Ex fans: Cowboys Suck!!


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Dexter was great the in the booth...that'll be played over and over...

and when he left he asked "When you going to put some color in the booth?" Anyone catch what Sonny, Sam, and Larry said in response?

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!"

Dexter Manley after the Portis TD with Larry, Sonny and Sam in the booth.

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Didn't see it, but that is great. One time when I was going to the redskins vs. jets at RFK, a guy a knew went up to the Jets fans and would do their stupid little cheer. J-E-T-S. Jets Jets (and the jets fans would finish with Jets and then my friend would say SUCK! Right when they would say JETS.) The Dexter moment reminds me of that.

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