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This just in: Adam Archuleta still sucks.

The Full Monty

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Watch the replay on the Portis screen - left Arch Deluxe in the dust.

Pause the game (on Tivo, VHS, etc.) at 13:26 in the 3rd quarter. Portis is right there with Arch directly in front of him and, true to form, Arch takes a horrible angle which not only causes him to fall helplessly in front of Portis as he dashes left - but also completely bowls over #33 Charles Tillman- who had a decent chance at trying to swipe at Portis' feet - and to top it off - Arch impedes #93 Ogunleye from containing Portis' running lane. All in a split second.

"I'm anxious to come back to FedEx Field and show the fans what I can do" - Arch Deluxe last year when he got traded.

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You know, I was worried when we let Arch go that he would turn around and be a beast at the Bears. Because of the Redskin's run of luck lately it seemed only appropriate, but in this instance it didn't pan out that way. Arch is still struggling and he was pretty much a non-factor last night. I say it's a good omen! Here's to another exciting playoff run!

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