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  1. I don't think it's happening this year. My realistic yet still hopeful 2018 goal is that we win a playoff game this season and improve dramatically on defense and running the ball, including our young defensive line learning to gel and seeing if our mostly untested secondary (Dunbar, maybe Moreau) will benefit from improved inside push. Plus, I hope Guice gets valuable experience facing NFL defenses and expands on his pass catching skills. edit: With another strong draft and FA class in 2019, I think next year is more realistic for the "win now shoot me in the face if we don't fix all liabilities" mindset. There's so much youth on this team and it takes time to build chemistry, especially with a new QB getting used to a new offense and receiving corps.
  2. We're not winning the Super Bowl this year. What does it matter again that we find a starting LG this year alone?
  3. I think Bill Calahan's development of Scherf, Moses, and last year's upstagement of Spencer Long with Chase Rouiller our 6th Round pick emerging as our starting center earns the Scouting Staff and Coaching Staff benefit of the doubt with me when it comes to long-term identifying of college talent and roster development of draft picks.
  4. Because Trent and Morgan never get hurt, right? And Ty isn't getting any younger. it's ok. It's called depth.