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  1. You guys should get Kodi (formerly XBMC). Get the sports devil add on. You can get athde and firstrow sports and others through it. When you watch through it there are no pop up ads to wade through. It's a whole lot easier.
  2. The Redskins are playing on CBS (Panthers on FOX) yet both local CBS stations are showing Pittsburgh/Cincinnati. What a ripoff! Used to you could always count on them showing the Skins if they were on CBS. I guess since they have played so poorly they figure they'd show a game with playoff implications.
  3. I'm on a different computer this week, do I need that plugin or is it just a virus?
  4. This is working http://www.seeon.tv/view/20358/NFL THANKS!
  5. it's such a crappy connection the NFL should want it to stay up to make us want to get sunday ticket. This is a miserable way to watch a game...
  6. The Firstrow one is working for me. It's not the best quality but I'll take what I can get!
  7. I live out on Highway 97, probably less than 10 miles from Pinetops. ---------- Post added September-11th-2011 at 01:24 PM ---------- Oh I'm stupid, the game is at 4:15, I was thinking it was a 1pm game DOH!
  8. Good luck to everyone, I'm here in Rocky Mount, NC hopefully we'll find a link that works. ---------- Post added September-11th-2011 at 01:12 PM ---------- Anyone having any luck? I'm not getting a darn thing!
  9. I have NFL Network but they do not have it scheduled for live broadcast. They're not replaying it until Sunday at 4pm. Regarding the guy about the proxy servers. I tried that but it is so freaking slow that it is hard to use. At least the free overseas proxies I found were. I would have signed up for the NFL gamepass using one of those but it was so slow that it was not gonna work. So I'm stuck here in NC and can't see the game unless someone has a link. Btw, Directv is giving away NFL Sunday Ticket now for people who sign up for the $29.99 and higher packages.
  10. nevermind I have the link from last week that is working so far... thanks
  11. Can someone pm me a link? I'm in NC and can't see the game.
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