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Note to Danny Smith: If you kick to Devin Hester _________ lol.(merged)


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This has been two of the toughest weeks for me as a Redskins fan. I kept thinking about the whole service yesterday and especially LaVar's comments. (which keeps getting played over and over and rightfully so). With all that being said let's have some fun folks (I don't know what I would do without my ES Fam).

What do you think (this is for comedy's sake) should happen to Danny Smith if he kicks to Devin Hester.

I'll kick it off.

"Danny Smith if you kick to Devin Hester I'll be in the tunnel with an application to Sonic."

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I say kick to him. Being able to stop might just give this team a little confidence. I dont know but he scares the hell out of me. Last years superbowl, before the kickoff I said he would return the opening kickoff for a touchdown and look what happen. just be careful whatever you decide to do coach.

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Kicking to Hester is like having sex with a fat chick. You do it if you have to, but you realize that after you've done it, you feel stupid and sick to your stomach. :laugh:

Kicking to Hester is like sticking a fork in a light socket. Sure, its electrifying but who wants to go through the pain and shock after doing it. :D

Kicking to Hester is like scratching your balls in front of your mother in law. You've got the itch to do it, but in the end, you've just embarrassed yourself because you just couldn't help yourself.

Kicking to Hester is like drinking wine coolers while your pals drink Guinness. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?


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