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  1. Well I will ask this question...has anyone seen Ted 2 yet? Part of this made me think about the Redskins. Morgan Freeman has a line that says something to the effect that "decision (like these) are NOT based on facts, but emotion and public opinion"...As you know the movie is about Ted suing for his Civil Rights because "he's different" Same thing....this decision is based on emotion, more recently the flag debate in SC and to an extent everyone's loathing of Dan Snyder. That is just my opinion.
  2. we should actually organize a keep the name chant at the monday night game that is on national tv...for anyone who is going
  3. TD_WashingtonRedskins A few ppl have asked me the questions about not being a fan if we are forced to change the name...here is my take Been a Redskins Fan since my father took me to my first game in 1982 back in Louisiana...He bought me a redskins flag that I proudly waved in the Superdome. My thing is this the REDSKINS have some how become part of me, through good times and bad. I mean 5 minutes after ppl meet me they know two things...my name and I'm a huge REDSKINS fan. Like you I'm not really use to NOT wearing white jerseys in our Stadium or the Cowboys wearing white in our stadium...BUT they are still the REDSKINS Joe Gibbs is no longer there but they are still the REDSKINS The gold pants is something I don't like but they are still the REDSKINS Dan Synder is not one of my favorite ppl but the team he owns is still the REDSKINS We endured Norv Turner, Spurrier and 1993-2013 with playoffs 3 or 4 times, but they are still the REDSKINS So us being force to change that it's like the team I've grown up with no longer exist. To me it's the whole package...the name, the song, the history, our logos, RFK stadium...all of that. I mean when the Ravens moved to Baltimore until Cleveland got a new team I'm sure alot of those folks felt the Browns were dead....luckily for them they got another team and basically their history was on hiatus...so to speak. I travel to one game a year at a visiting stadium and get sooo pumped when I see other members of Redskins Nation and I can just say "Hail" and we instantly have a connection. Going to Fed Ex is just amazing because its OUR stadium. I live in LA and have been there 12 times....BTW I'm 9-3 at Fed Ex! I've met Joe Gibbs, got an autographed copy of his book and told him the story of my first skins game I went to when he was the coach. I even told him a year before he came back "we want you back". He told me at one point "thanks for the support for all those years" So if this change does happen, I gotta live with it, but much like Chris Cooley retired because he could not see himself playing for another team....I just can't see myself cheering for another team...which is what our team would be....A different team. I've always said if the team leaves the DC area where they are not "Washington" (which is my favorite city in the world...beyond the Redskins) or have to change their name its just not the same anymore. Am I closed minded? probably...but that's the way I feel...And no I'm not some pethetic guy who's never had a girlfriend....lol I'm just a very passionate fan.... My only hope is that this name thing dies down and they leave us alone, or as difficult as it would be if we keep our entire logo, colors, and location and have to change to the Warriors I MAY be OK with that....anything else Idk But bascially for 30 years and as infuriating as the Redskins can be, the REDSKINS have been a part of my life and basically anything else....it's just not the same. HTTR
  4. I am completely against the name change...I have been a Redskins Fan since my father took me to my first game in 1982. Now let's look at the team history....the team started as the Boston Braves, I believe the name was changed to Redskins not to be confused the baseball team...I think. It is also worth noting that the Redskins owner GPM was considered a racist. I've never met the man, so I'm just going off what I have read from the team history. Also if you look at the original words to Hail To The Redskins (written by Marshall's wife) the lyrics are full of broken English (which I could only assume was a stereotypical way people thought Native Americans spoke) So the song was tweaked a bit to make sense for football, etc. So as much as I hate to say it (even as a minority myself)...the team history does have racial issues. This is not to mention being the last team to allow blacks on their team. First, in speaking of the Redskins, I think of the burgundy and gold, Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Joe Theismann, RFK stadium and of course hating the Cowboys. The term "Redskins not once in my mind refers to a Native American or a person with "red skin". I prefer calling people by their names not identifying them by race, religion and the like. Second, there is an argument that over time words evolve. For example...the lyrics to the Flintstones cartoon says "we'll have a gay olde time"....GREAT! Now if I am with a couple of the guys and when I return to tell someone about the boyz night out...if I say "yeah we had a gay olde time"...someone will look at me like I had two heads.....lol So there is an evolution we may want to consider. Third, let's look at what mascots in football are...they are like caricatures. I mean look at some of the teams now...Who really wants to be a pirate? (like the Oakland Raiders or Tampa Bay Bucs) or a Viking. None of those mascots really speak to positive side of human nature. The Redskins name refers to a football team, nothing derogatory to Native Americans. Redskins’ fans don't mean to offend anyone. But you can't please everyone and someone will always be offended. I mean what's next an atheist saying he wants the Saints name changed because he doesn't believe in God? Then there are our politicians that can't or won't get crap together in the country so they hang there hat on something like this to distract from what they should be doing. I guess they are just riding the wave thinking they are doing something positive when all they are doing is kicking the political can to the next person in office. Another point, I am a person who does not enjoy gangsta rap....so do I shout from the mountains of how offended I am...when the words are "F this, F that", and all women are referred to as b*tches or wh*ores? No! I don't spend my time or money or it...when it’s on the radio....I simply turn it off. So, if the word Redskins offends you...don't come to Fed Ex Field, don't by an RG3 jersey, cheer for the Cowboys, or just cheer against the Redskins, don't watch the NFL...whatever. If you don't like it fine! Leave the other people who love the Redskins Football Team, the history, and the traditions to us we are not bothering or attempting to offend anyone...we just want our team to do well and win Super bowls. Let us go to Fed Ex Field and sing Hail to the Redskins.....it’s about our team and nothing else! HTTR
  5. Thanks guys.....just wondering. I understood that for the Steelers game...national tv...something different, but I saw it a couple of other times and I just thought I'd ask.
  6. Hail everyone....OK this may have been done to death and don't bash me...search feature turned up nothing.... But would anyone know why we are wearing dark jerseys at home, noticed this in the latter home games. .... I kinda like thoses on the road, but I'm of the "good guys wear white" mentality (at home). Im sure I can handle the dark jerseys at home, but us wearing dark jerseys at home against the cowboys would be to much for me to take....would anyone know what's the deal? BTW...lets end on a good note and get after the 49ers I'll be there screaming and cheering on the off chance we score more than 10 pts....hahaha....teasing Redskins Nations... HAIL REDSKINS!!!!!
  7. Call me crazy but I think the road uniforms Dark Jersey and White pant is AWESOME and should stay as is. The White on White would be the only thing that should become perminant and of course that should be for home games!
  8. Hey I'm partial to the White home jerseys....Joe's mentality is good guys (home team) wear white...the Cowboys have the same mentality...actaully I'll be at the game and looking forward the Redskins wearing the dark jerseys and white pants...the first time I was at a redskins game that's what they wore...so being that this is my first time seeing them play in Dallas we should win that one too....lol Also I do like the white on white at home as well.