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6 in a row or we don't go. (5 in a row merge)


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we have to win our games........

can't be worrying about what everybody else is doing.

Very true. As far as calling out players, Prioleau needs to step up tremendously. In my eyes, he's been a liability in coverage often this year. He's physically able to play, but mentally it looks like he gets confused a lot.

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...on I think we will make the playoffs. I believe a 9-7 record will qualify us for the playoffs in the NFC. What say you guys?

here's what I say - worry about next week only. Redskins are not good enough to take liberties such as this. 9-7 likely would NOT get them in the playoffs, by the way.

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As a fan, I want the Redskins to get on a winning streak beginning with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like they did in 2005 in order to have a shot at the playoffs. I hope Gibbs and the 'Skins coaching staff makes the adjustments in November and December. After the loss to the Cowboys, the Redskins really have their backs against the wall at 5-5. In every upcoming game the Redskins play from this moment on, they are gonna have to earn it each and every step of the way. It's us against the world.

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That's rather optimistic, but the bottom line is no matter how encouraged you may be, we've LOST 4 out of 6 games since we started 3-1. There went our season down the drain.

We are hemmoraghing at a rapid rate rate because we simply are not a complete team. That costs us when the rubber meets the road, like in the Dallas game when we REALLY NEEDED a score late. Heck, we couldn't even pay attention to the one deadly player in the Dallas offense. We looked amateurish out there! Every game it's one major breakdown or three that costs us dearly. That's who we are, no matter how much our hearts are with this team.

Late in the game is when we typically shrink and I saw nothing in Dallas to convince me we'll be anything but what we've been to this point. Just when we think things will change, BAM!!! Right in the Kisser!

We'll be fortunate to go 8-8. I see us winning maybe 2 more games max, because we just are not a complete team, and we'll continue to prove just how below average we are when the rubber meets the road.

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Current NFC Rankings

(Overall Record, Conference Record, Division Record)

*Division leaders

1. *Dallas: 9-1, 7-0, 4-0

2. *Green Bay: 9-1, 6-1, 2-1

3. *Seattle: 6-4, 5-2, 3-1

4. *Tampa: 6-4, 5-2, 3-0

5. New York: 7-3, 5-3, 2-2

6. Detroit: 6-4, 4-4, 3-0


7. Washington: 5-5, 3-4, 1-3

8. Arizona: 5-5, 3-4, 2-1

9. Philadelphia: 5-5,3-5, 1-3

New Orelans and Carolina drop out this week.


Remaining Schedule:

1. Boys: Jets, Packers, @Lions, Eagles, @Carolina, @Skins

2. Packers: @Lions, @Boys,Raiders,@Rams,@Bears,Lions

3. Seahawks: @Rams,@Eagles,Cards,@Panthers,Ravens,@ Falcons

4. Bucs: Skins,@Saints,@Texans,Falcons,@49ers,Panthers

5. Giants: Vikings, @Bears, @Eagles,Skins, @Bills, Pats

6. Lions: Packers,@Vikings,Boys,@Chargers,Chiefs,@Packers


7. Skins: @Bucs,Bills,Bears,@Giants,@Vikings,Boys

8. Cards: 49ers,Browns,@Seahawks,@Saints,Falcons,Rams

9. Eagles: @Pats,Seahawks,Giants,@Boys,@Saints,Bills

The Cards are sneaking up fast. They could win the NFC WEST if they can beat Seattle.

The Skins are fading.

@Bucs- loss: 5-6

Bills- Win: 6-6

Bears- Win: 7-6

@Giants- Loss: 7-7

Vikings- Win: 8-7

Boys- Tossup-

It will could come down to the Dallas game and if the Boys need that game; they will beat us.

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guys its that easy

we win next week

det plays packers which will prob be a L for them

we win det lose we are the 2nd wildcard team

its that easy take a chill pill

next week after we beat bucks and we get back the playoff spot thing will be brighter.

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I think the Giants pretty much have one of the wild card spots locked... Their next three games are against the Vikings, Bears, and Eagles.

Right now it's looking like it's going to be a battle between The Skins, Lions, and Cards for the last wildcard spot.

If we beat the Bucs and Detroit loses to the Packers next week, we will be in the Wild Card spot.

I don't see Detroit holding that final Wild Card spot. They have games against the Packers twice, Cowboys, Chargers and KC. I think that the real threat for the final wild card spot is from the Cardinals. The have four easy games with the Saints, Falcons, Rams, 49ers.

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Does anyone really want a team this bad to go to the playoffs? Then we'll be stuck with Gibbs for another year. I'd rather finish 5-11 and start fresh than squeak int he playoffs at 9-7 only to get our rears handed to us in the 1st round. Why bother? We stink this year. Face it. It's just football.

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