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6 in a row or we don't go. (5 in a row merge)


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This team is just getting healthy, when taylor and thomas are back we will be much better.

Our next 6 games

at Tampa



at Giants

at Vikes


We should be able to win everygame, with the way campbell has been playing. We open put the offense we will start blowing out teams.

Also note we beat lions and cards who are our only threat for the wildcard so we own the tie breaker.

Giants we get to play them again, and i think we are a better team then them.

we will go between 9-7 to 11-5 any of these records probably get us in the playoffs in nfc.


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So Dallas wins the division, but with today's game, where do we stand for the wildcard? I think right now the division leaders are

Dallas (East)

Seattle (West)

Tampa (South)

GB (North)

Looks like after that it's the Giant and Lions, and then us a mess of other 5-5 teams (including the eagles...)

So, right now, it looks like we don't control our own destiny--we need detroit and/or the giants to lose (while we win) at least once?

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In no way do I believe Dallas is anything special. Not from what they showed today. This is a hard loss, but other than not covering T.O, which is what Sean Taylor WILL do in the rematch, we played a solid game overall I thought. So, we are now 5-5 and the next 5 games are soooooo easily winnable, we very likely could be 10-5 coming to the rematch with Dallas at FedEx. Jason Campbell showed EVERYONE now, media, our fans, other team's fans, broadcasters, announcers, sportwriters, that he is the REAL deal and will be for the next 10 years. I honestly expected much worse today, but watched till the bitter end.

Our year is FARRRRR from over, and we own tiebreakers against Detroit and Arizona. After next week, will own tiebreaker with Tampa Bay. Take today as nothing more than a loss regardless if it was to our most hated rival because we do get the chance to play them again, in our house, with what I believe will be playoffs on the line. With Portis's rushing last two weeks, and JC's performance today, we can see our potential on offense, WITHOUT Jon Jansen, WITHOUT Randy Thomas. Everyone has annointed Cowboys/Packers winner as best in NFC already, so lets win these next 6 games and go into the playoffs together and strong! You only get one loss in playoffs, and believe me, Dallas's losses are coming, there is no doubt whatsoever in mind!

Great Job JC you truly deserve a :applause: :cheers: !!

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I'm not saying that we'd do exceptionally well in the playoffs, I'm just wondering what's possible at this point. Even though it was a loss, today's game suggested this team has the possiblity to close out the season well--so I'm just wondering, *if* (and that's a big if) we do close it out well, how far can we go?

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