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SKINS/fins.....before game pics and after pics...ALL UP


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Classic shot of murf in the background.... :)

I am absolutely cracking up at that photo - mostly because I had no idea Blondie had snapped it. I had just finished talking to Mama Portis and turned around to focus on the players heading off the field when Clinton walked right past me and gave her a big hug. Because she was so excited with C.P. healthy and she had just finished telling me he was going to have a big game, I was very happy for her.

Too funny.

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I like this picture alot

"Bring mama back a touchdown baby":silly:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

They are so close.

I said...."Hey Clinton....and he looked at me and said...."Hey Blondie" and then he hugged his mama.

And when he scored in front of her.....I wish you could have seen her.

I thought she might jump on to the field.

She is a mess....and so sweet.

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