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  1. wiziwig is new to me. Thanks for the link. I normally watch on FirstRow or ATDHE.
  2. i think they look pretty sick. looks weird, but in a good way. wonder who's decision that was.
  3. Not trying to get anything. Just noticed it and thought there might be a reason behind it. Sorry? I haven't seen anyone sport big white ones for a long while. Thought there was a reason. Doubtful that there is.
  4. definitely. I'm not doubting the way he plays. He is great and will be for years to come. I was just questioning his socks. lol
  5. Did anyone else notice this? I just thought it looked a little odd. His white sock is MUCH longer than his burgundy part. Didn't know if he did this on purpose or if he forgot his short whites at home. lol pics: (These are Murf's pics.) Thanks Murf!
  6. the sad thing is, eli ALWAYS looks like that. Drunk or not.