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Offense Thread - NON QB


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Want to get a victory against dallas on this date 11-5-06.Then Joe and Al you need to dial up a heavy dose of 85,47,26!!!!!No more two yard screens!!!No more draws!!!Power and guts from 26 followed by passing to 85 and 47!!!The offensive line better do there job and Mr.Brunell better be able to find these numbers!!!!Power and guts!!!Power and guts!!! :dallasuck

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I think Lloyd will have one hell of a game. I hope he does. I think it will show Brunell that he has a great #2 receiver that he can look to. I want CP to freaking dominate the Dallas D and i want Cooley to plow over some defenders as well. I am honestly sick of seeing Lloyd not getting the ball. I don't know why everyone rips on him so much. The guy makes plays when he gets the ball...he just barely gets the ball.

P.S. - I want to freaking see Duckett in the game. Good god what a waste of a draft pick if we aren't gonna play him. He is a beast. Not to much of a beast on the bench though.

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