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  1. skinpride1

    The House that Bruce Built

    You better believe The Gibbs sighting was no accident today. No one is safe not even Bruce Allen..I'm hoping for a house cleaning. I know its going to be hard with Gruden because of his contract so start with what you can..Bruce Allen and Jim Haslett should be the first on the chopping block!! Rebuild the o-line and secondary. We need multiple pro bowlers on this roster.
  2. skinpride1

    Random Thought Thread

    Im loving the low oil and gas prices.
  3. skinpride1

    The House that Bruce Built

    F@#$ y## Bruce Allen what a fraud you are !!!!..please do every devoted skins fan a favor and get the hell out of..D.C.!!!..we have seen enough.
  4. Yesterday ..I was thinking that maybe it was time for a name change. I think that I was just growing tired of all the negative from the media and just tired of it all...I mean warriors couldn't be that bad.. I know that we all take pride in redskins and never thought of it as racist .Even growing up in the eighty's I never remember anyone saying the name was just bad in school or out in public. I have decided that.. I'm staying Redskin ..WHY??? Because I just figured out.. What the word "Oklahoma" means and that being RED PEOPLE!!!! . We have a state that means the same as Redskins!!! That proves even more to me that Historical that its not derogatory term like the media claims!! The red nation as I've read is a term native americans also use to show pride. How can a team be under attack when you got a state that is named after it!!! I bet that majority of the public outside of people around Oklahoma are clueless to this and once again I say.. America keep listening to the liberal retards in this country and there twisted half ass ways ..They are going to destroy this country and I'm sick of it!!
  5. If I was Dan..I would keep the team logo the same..the fight song..but just instead of redskins. .just insert..warriors. .this isn't going away...I dont want to change from redskins . But ..if you can just slip the warriors in and keep the culture the same it might not be as bad as everyone thinks.
  6. Can someone please start a origination to help battle the name change..IS there a big time one already started or out There???....

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    2. Mr. Sinister
    3. skinpride1


      yes all phases of the team has done poorly but the defense has given up record amounts of yards and change is needed to start somewhere so goodbye JIM!!!

    4. 17kilmer


      need to go back to a 43 ,the 34 SUCKS as do the entire coaching staff.

  8. skinpride1

    **** the Cowboys

    Hell yea what a opening day !!!! You do have the best q.b in the league hope Romo choke-o is your man for a long time. arrogant ass, stupid jerk off cowturds.
  9. skinpride1

    **** the Cowboys

    FUc^ You ....Damn ego maniac, fruit cake, jack off, cow turd fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I was just over at there happy message board and they claim all kind of lies, lies.... on top of lies!!!!!!! They are so stupid they still think we have the same team from last year not taking note of any changes from the offseason and how well our running attack has looked. I can't wait to smash it in there give me another.... super bowl faces!! In a few weeks we put them down!!!!!!!! Cowturds fans are the worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. skinpride1

    **** the Cowboys

    Not only are Cowboy fans the worst they are stupid stupid they can't even count. They still think they are the best even after the days of Troy aikman,Emmit smith have been long gone. To stupid to even realize that the Eagles and Giants have been domanating the Division for a decade now and Jerry Jones is not the GM they thought. The redskins won there last super bowl in 1992 and the cowoys 1996. Hello Cowturd dipsh$%ts that was a decade and half ago not far from us. Think i'm kidding get a load of rkstevens post on cowboys zone :ols: SO LEARN TO COUNT YOUR LAST SUPEBOWL WAS IN THE MID 90'S BEFORE Y2K AND PUSHING EVEN CLOSER TO THAT 20 YEAR MARK!!!!!!!!
  11. skinpride1

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    You will have to put regular style hose clamps on there and I would put 2 on each end of the hose, just to be safe but should be Ok the return side has low pressure on it. I also thumbed back I see you have a olds van those puppys are famous for the steering rack and pinion leaking.
  12. skinpride1

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    hello there I'm a mechanic the cost on the fuel pump fix sounds reasonable.You have to drop the gas tank to install the unit so it takes about 2-3 hours to install. I would be more concerned about the quality of the fuel pump installed if it came from advance auto or some where like that not good. I'm big on installing quality parts and if the cost of the pump was high ask them where they got it from?Cheap pump and you could be sitting on the side of the road again broke down. oil change depends on the area 27 to 40 dollars is the norm. wiper motor i would say 1 hour to 1.5 hour to install. trans flush if over 100,000 miles i would recommend replacing the filter with the flush will cost more but the results are better. lucky for you a 91 windstar does not require synthetic fluid because that stuff is expensive