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Brunell vs Bush


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Only in that Gibbs loyalty to Brunell reminds me somewhat of Dubya's loyalty to Rumsfeld. Everyone is calling for their guy's head, but the guy in charge won't make a move.

And I'm really reaching.

And bored.

And procrastinating from doing any work.

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Haha...it is very surreal in a sense that gibbs has been "staying the course" like Bush although many have thought the course (Brunell) wasn't working. Now Bush is finally admitting that things aren't as great as he has been claiming in Iraq, kinda how Gibbs has finally started to admit that Mark needs to play better like everyone else, instead of just calling him supersmart. The skins season, and Iraq are both in shambles right now. This bye week's "assessments" are sorta like James Baker's "Iraq study/solution group." Campbell taking snaps this week is kinda like yesterday's "benchmark" proclamation (haha...maybe). Gibbs and Bush also clearly state that outside pressures (americans, skins fans) won't dissuade them from leaving Iraq or pulling Brunell. Obviously these are way different and unrelated matters, but the comparison can be entertained for a fun exercise.

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