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Andre Carter chat complete.


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Another good chat. The players are actually really enjoying some of the questions. As always I try to mix the light with the hard so it doesn’t seem painful, but also doesn’t seem totally fluffy. Hope you enjoy ;).


Andre, the defense has struggled so far this year, is it mental at this point or is the defense not being physical enough in your opinion?

Andre Carter

I feel it’s mental. Every week there’s been different levels of inconsistency. When it comes to playing the run, we’ll stop them on 1st and 10 and hit them up for 2nd and 9 and all of a sudden they run the ball again and it’s 1st and 10 again. We’re just not executing our technique properly. We need to do a better job of that. We just need to focus on ourselves and stop beating ourselves up down after down.


How is it like playing with Greg Williams as your DC. Whats it like and what do you think of the defensive system?

Andre Carter

I love the defensive system. It’s very physical. It’s very aggressive. One thing about our defense is this is a team concept. Everybody’s one. We play as one solid unit. They’re no individuals. We just go out there, 11 guys on the field flying around making plays together.


How many sacks will you guarantee for this season (barring an unwanted, injuries)?


Andre Carter

(Laughing) My dad always told me never guarantee anything. That’s coming from a guy who played 12 years in the league so I’m going to listen to him.


Greetings Andre, We go from dominant D to No D in one year. That after fixing some problems in the off season. We should be kickin' ass??? I am stunned by this latest loss. I cannot comprehend that we have fallen this far. What can explain it and where do we go from here? No, not that PC answer, where do we REALLY go from here? Many thanx Andre!

Andre Carter

This week we have Indy. It starts with Indy. As you know, games in the NFL, especially when you play away it’s tough. We just have to come together and believe in ourselves like we did when we played against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Texans. Play that type of game. Play physical. It starts Sunday.


Forget the rest of the defense. What can Andre Carter do today to help the skins get a victory in this Sundays game against the Colts?

Andre Carter

Play physical. That’s my mentality every week. Just play physical. Every week, just like every single player, we have a certain game plan. With the Colts their offensive line is playing well, they’re protecting Manning and Manning’s getting the ball out quick. We just have to play hardball with them. I’m sure they’ll do the same way and may the best man win.


I see that when you line up in front of the offensive tackle that you're in a four point stance. What is the advantage to lining up like that versus a three point stance that I see a lot of other defensive ends doing?

Andre Carter

I mix it up now. I’m actually back in the three-point stance now. It was more for a personal level just trying to get my mojo back and it’s worked out. I’m back in the three-point stance and it’s been very effective.


We have heard all year that the offense is getting it done in practice. From your perspective playing against the 1st team in practice, what are we doing there that we are not doing in live games?

Andre Carter

I’m not really focused on the offense on the field. We game plan on defense every time we come off the field. As far as in practice I have all the confidence in the world they’re practicing their butts off. Sometimes we serve as the starting offensive linemen because guys are nicked up. They’re playing hard and practicing hard. It’s just a level of consistency not only on defense but the offense and special teams. We’ve done it before.

Community question

More than sacks or even wins, how you answer this will tell us all there is to know about you as a man…gas or charcoal.

Andre Carter

(Laughing again). I think for barbeque, charcoal. For a fireplace, gas.

the burgundy and gold

hey Andre, who's your best friend on the team, do you have a specific person who you always talk to on the plane rides and on the side line? keep up the good work

Andre Carter

I’m pretty much great with everybody. On my side of the line I have to say Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn. We’re a pretty close knit group. On the other side of the line I just pretty much talk to everybody. James Thrash is a great guy. Chris Samuels, me and him talk from time to time.


All in all, how can you compare the lockerroom settings in San Fran and Washington?

Andre Carter

Coming from San Fran at that time when I was departing, we had a lot more young group of guys coming in and they were starting to get their feet wet. Here, more mature guys. You’ve got five, six, seven, eight year vets that have been in the game for a while. Married. Settled down. Not too wild (laughing). Different mentality.


How do you evaluate your performance thus far? Do you think you have lived up to expectations, and if not, how do you plan on improving your play in the system?

Andre Carter

For one I look at myself and always ask the question, “Am I getting better?” Yes. I know people get into the question about sacks. I think sacks in general is a team effort, not just a one man effort. There’s a right place and a right time with everybody. So I give credit to the other 10 guys I play with. That goes for anybody. I think what matters is I always ask the team how I’m doing. I always ask Gregg Williams who I respect, and Greg Blache, my D-line coach. There opinion means more to me than anybody.


what other defensive ends do you study tape of from around the league?

keep up the good work,and thanks for taking questions.

Andre Carter

When it comes to the opponents we play week to week I always study what each opponent did. New York’s played some of the opponents we’re playing now. So, Strahan, and the Tennessee Titans ends. Everybody has a particular style. I keep on looking at them and add my own personal style to it.


Which was more difficult: the initial transition from DE to LB in San Francisco or the transition from LB back to DE here?

Andre Carter

From D-end to linebacker. Playing linebacker is a different mentality. When I first started playing defensive end I was a guy that heard the defensive calls. That experience playing linebacker is now I was the guy making the calls. That transition was tough as far as dropping, initial fits, certain alignments. It was an experience. At least I had the opportunity to work with Mike Singletary and help develop my game playing linebacker.


Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe? I’m kidding. Seriously, when you first started playing DE in high school, who was the guy you most looked forward to watching Sunday afternoons?

Andre Carter

To be honest with you I must have been a strange guy because in high school I never watched football. I just enjoyed playing it. Those Friday Night lights. When Saturday came around, I actually didn’t even watch college until I was trying to decide what school I wanted to go to. I was a different kid. I just relaxed, watched my cartoons and other things, watched The Movie Channel and just relaxed, getting ready for another day of school.


How much do you bench press?

Andre Carter

My bench pressing days are over when you’re in the NFL. It’s a matter of maintaining your strength. A lot of guys do many different things as far as working on machines or free weights. I’m a free weights guy, but, just the way I train is just a lot of core strength.

Closing Statement Andre Carter

I say, fans, just keep on believing in us. We’ll turn this thing around. Due to the experience of being in San Fran to now, I thank God to be a Redskin. Please continue to come out there. Invite your friends. Come to the game. Make it as loud as possible when we’re on defense because that’s my edge. That’s what gets me motivated to play for you guys. I take pride in being a Redskin. Keep on coming out. We’ll get through.
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I like his closing remarks, I wish there was a way we could get the Post to publish that, or some other mass market media that everyone can see, even announce it on Triple X and any other station.

If there is one thing that fans need to hear, it is those closing remarks. Even if you are not high on Carter right now, we need to be loud no matter what when our team is fighting on defense.

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Sure he hasn't lived up to the paycheck BUT he is an admirable guy. Who else would come in and chat with the fans knowing full well they are going to go after him?

I respect him a lot more after reading his answers and his final remarks. I would say he hasn't lived up to the check yet but the season is young and lets give him some time to get into this system.

Thanks to whoever put the chat together it was an enjoyable read,


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makes me laugh. How about asking him if he's worthy of his $30 millions contract ?

:mad: Apparently, quite alot of ES Members (YOU?!?) have NOT played ANY "High-Level" Organized Football; because, AC hustles on EVERY defensive play, and is NOT supported in the 'RUN Game' by the WLB Holdman.

:( True-enough, his 'sack total' is 'so-so'; HOWEVER: look around the league (STARTING with OUR OWN NFC Eastern Division)... Strahan & Umenyiora in NY, Dallas' DE's, et al. Maybe Philly's DE's have 'numbers'. But, as a whole, in TODAY's NFL, 'sacks' are a 'TOTAL TEAM EFRFORT' (via 'blitzing, stunting, gaming, and schemes').

:notworthy His 'run-stuffing' capabilities ARE 'so-so' (at-BEST); one is 'hesitant' to dispute or debate that point.

:doh: ALL this "give the $30-Million Back" $%&T is PETTY! Have YOU ever even SEEN, SMELLED, TOUCHED, POCKETED, BANKED, EARNED, or CONTROLLED $30-MILLION DOLLARS?!? How 'bout $300-THOUSAND DOLLARS?!? Or, better-yet: How 'bout $30-THOUSAND DOLLARS ("CA$H-IN-HAND")?!?

:point2sky "Inquiring Minds" would like to know...

:cheers: If Coach GIBBS would cease his incessant 3-YEAR-long 'man-love-affair' with BRUNELL... and ALLOW his HAND-PICKED Staff to 'RUN Their Own Ships', WE just might see MARKED Improvement in the Team's play!?! Hmmm!?!

:logo: HTTR!!!

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