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  1. tesla is one of the few companies that took a DOE loan and paid it back in full. And early.
  2. Cannot use Bluetooth when calling into radio. It provides a lot of background noise etc. they went over it and always ask callers to take their phone off speaker and blue tooth. He should’ve pulled over. But it was hilarious on air.
  3. We were never allowed to touch the thermostat growing up. 78-80 during the day in summer. Moms line was it will be cold tomorrow. Or cold at night open your windows. I traditionally do 77-78 at night. Recently we turned it down with a baby 75-76. During the summer. When not at home on eco mode to 84. I saw this on twitter and everyone it seemed was under 70. Their utility bills must be through the roof. You adjust to your temp.
  4. I try very hard to not have monthly reoccurring bills I can avoid. It’s easy with these just 4.99 etc a month for them to add up. Weve got Amazon Prime and Spotify. Prime is well worth the time savings for when you need items and I don’t want to lug the baby to target etc. Spotify is great for access to all kinds of music. I’ve lost enough music with transferring computers so rather than purchase or anything this works great to manage podcasts etc.
  5. Just some non brand specific thoughts that I think helped me become a good driver and appreciate driving (no accidents and no tickets): - learning on a bigger car makes it easier to park or drive any other car (we had a 92 Buick road master). There’s no substitute for metal and space and having that big of a boat made sure even if other people hit us they had to go through a V8 block or the rear trunk area. Station wagons are great first cars. MPG may stink but you’re paying for piece of mind not worrying about every fill up. - perhaps go older and a car that’s possible to maintain. Learning how to do basic car maintenance is a good thing when young. Changing oil. Brakes. Spark plugs. And smaller items are possible on older cars. Even my 2012 car has to go to the dealer to release the electronic parking brake to do work on the rear rotors and brakes. Having to do repairs on my Buick made me understand cars better. - as mentioned before assume this first car won’t survive long. Back in hs all my friends that got newer cars or anything that required a payment wrecked or damaged them in the first year. If I was car shopping for a first time driver I’d have like a 5k budget and try to find a grandmas car that has low miles but may need a little TLC. Best of luck.
  6. Solid signing especially given price with his age and ability. Great third liner that can PK. Wish the term was 3 years but that’s unrealistic. Think of it like connolly a few years ago. Getting in cheap.
  7. Yes but 2 years before they were 80. Year before that was 50 each and they never had the crazy tiers on used player gear. Got an Ovie stick once. What a curve. So not bad just increased a lot through the years. Still thankful for it because there are gems in there. Orlov used to have a very whippy toe curve.
  8. And a large increase from several years ago. I got two pairs of pants and two megna twigs.
  9. I’d say listen to your PT. At least with my surgeries the doctor is done after the surgery checked out and routine checkups. Your physical therapist will see you several times a week. They will take measurements. Track progress and move you through your rehab. They have a much better indicator of where you are and send reports to your doctor that get signed off. Be open and honest with your Pt.
  10. Youll likely just be starting rehab after 6 weeks. So then you’ve got your period there before easing back into the gym. Depends on your type of surgery etc. after my wrist surgery I think it was 2-3 months before back in the gym after rehab started.
  11. Cannot speak for Dexter but it’s close to Lost for me. Both started out great. There are a lot of cool plot lines and themes you cannot wait to come together then they both just ignore them. Im amazed lost was that high. I’d rate them both a 4 in the context of the entire series.
  12. Count me in with those disappointed with this season due to the execution. I’m just curious how they could possibly end it that would add any satisfaction? i think we are stuck down the Jon kills Danny route and he sets the kingdoms free. Unsure how they even factor in Sansa. Had a friend who is convinced that Gendry will rule and Arya will be his hand. I about died of that thought if it goes down that path.
  13. At least for me what would’ve made it better is not necessarily a different ending but more context as to why. How were they able to push the night king and WW back last time to even be able to build the biggest wall we’ve ever seen? Why erasing history? What’s the backstory with 3ER and the Night King? What would happen if he did succeed in killing bran? They may still explain this one I hope. What I thought would’ve happened prior to this season was eventually a retreat from Winterfell back to Kings Landing where there would be a final stand and then a wrap up of the iron throne.
  14. Been a long time since I’ve posted here but have been reading this thread intently as a big GoT fan. To clarify that bar scene where people erupted in cheers is a photoshop from the England World Cup games. It wasn’t a GoT watch party. I still love GoT but I side with those disappointed with the episode. It was underwhelming delivery of a major theme. Oh well. I’ll still watch. It just seemed to Hollywood everything ends up as the audience wants which seems to contradict the Martin approach where even characters you love may not survive.