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Resign Sean Taylor NOW!!! (Merged)


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Very well, no interceptions - but he is getting better at being the QB of the defense, he seems to be calling as much if not more of the D-sets than even Lemar Marshall is.

All but 1 of the Jags big plays were just amazing plays by the WRs.

Including one where Sean took the helmet off (literally!) Reggie Williams, but he held on to a perfect pass by Leftwich - if the pass had been a foot either way it would have been incomplete.

Helluva game, he's getting better each week and dude is only 23 years old, amazing.

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Any and EVERY one who has watched him play knows he is a beast and one of if not the best(in my book he is) safeties in the NFL!!! Plays special teams and as we all saw today, is a knock your head off (or helmet) kind of player. BUT...he has to play next to Mr. Mediocre Archuletta who is making alot more money than him and doing quite frankly a piss poor job in every aspect of his duties like blitzing and actually covering someone. I'm afraid ST is gonna get upset about the lack of respect for him by his low salary compared to Mr. Mediocres and other safeties in the league. We need to get him signed up until he retires PERIOD!!!

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Taylor is Brutal

Gibbs knows you need beasts to win

He has to watch overreacting and getting burned........but

How many plays does this guy make when he is not even close to the ball?

"Man, I got the patern over the middle and taylors there....maybe I'll just cut it short a little and pull back my arms just so."

Or fumbles caused.

Today I saw Leftwitch dive early by a yard or two because Taylor was closing in.

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I'll be honest with you, I'm notoriously hard on Sean Taylor. Having said that, he played a Sean Taylor type game. 5 or so HUGE hits around the ball alot. BUT... I constantly gotta say this, I expect Sean Taylor not only to be the best safety in the league, but also win us games by himself. Lofty expectations, but I think he is capable.

So, he had two crucial mistackles. I say every week, with Taylor and the highest paid safety in the league, the Skins should never allow plays over 35 yards. And they do every week. Now, this week Taylor absolutely whiffs on an open field tackle on a play where he at minimum has to slow the guy down. Jags score on 2 long plays, unacceptable. Sean is amazing, but he needs to understand he has to make the average plays too, not just the amazing ones.

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It's a good point.

Even when he signed the rookie contract, people were surprised how little he settled for. Now that he has proven to be one of the elite defensive players in the league, we need to make sure he is happy and stays a Skin. Just because he is under contract does not mean all is well. Look at Deion Branch. Priest Holmes was begging for a new contract to a sideline reporter one year. It can become a problem.

Re-signing Sean Taylor, and making him happy to be a life long Skin, is more of a priority than addressing any weakness (i.e. CB, DE)

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