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Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

Who should get the bulk of the carries Sunday night?  

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  1. 1. Who should get the bulk of the carries Sunday night?

    • TJ "the plow" Duckett
    • Ladell "I tripped over a blade of grass" Betts

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There was a thread a couple of weeks back about who our most hated rival is. Dallas was losing steam with the younger crowd it seems. For you young guys. This thread will help you understand the absolute hate us older fans have of the Cowboys. Dallas week wasnt just some thing we talked about. We lived it. Everywhere you went around the area there were signs up saying "Beat Dallas" or something along those lines. The entire area was united in one goal. And that was the destruction of the Dallas Cowboys. At the 82 NFC Championship game I was a 13 year old kid that was lucky enough to have parents with season tickets. It was the height of my fandom. The pinnacle of being a Redskins fan. And a moment I will never forget as long as I live. 

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THIS from page 1 is what needs to happen in that locker room on Monday night...


"...So one time in a meeting during Dallas week, all of a sudden we heard a GONG, ... and here came George (Allen), who was wearing his karate garb .... The whole locker room went crazy. We were shouting, 'GEORGE, GEORGE, GEORGE...' It was electric. He talked about Dallas week and how he wanted to fly to Dallas and meet Tom Landry at midfield and fight him, and if he could beat Landry, we would win. ....Now he had these boards with him, and these other guys were holding the boards. He was going to break two boards with his hands, and two others with his feet, and if he could break those boards, we were going to beat Dallas. The place was going nuts, chanting, 'GEORGE, GEORGE, GEORGE!' Now he started to warm up and was making all kinds of noises and taking deep breaths. It was unbelievable. All of a sudden he screamed, came down, and broke the two boards with his hands and the other two with his feet, and the place went nuts! ..."

- Rusty Tillman, from Hail Victory: An Oral History of the Washington Redskins by Thom Loverro


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wow, I don't think I ever knew this...


"Clint Murchison to George Preston Marshall, 1958. The Redskins had been losing money for years and Marshall had initially agreed to sell the team to Murchison which would have moved the Redskins to Dallas. But Marshall changed the terms just before the deal was announced."


/Thank God!!

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