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Which throwback would you have taken?  

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  1. 1. Which throwback would you have taken?

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Jersey-Joe.com is an authorized seller of authentic jerseys. I haven't personally bought any, but I do know they are at least legit with Mitchell & Ness. I wouldn't doubt that this Taylor jersey is legit. Go for it.

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y to be does it look like something is wrong withe the sleeves? especially around the end? Im not really knowledgable about authentic so maybe im wrong..

Yeah I was wondering about that as well. The one I prefer has the elastic around the sleeves. I like how that looks better.

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Thanks man. I actually decided against getting a hat. That jersey is too flame though. I have to get it.

No problem, I have an extensive hat collection. haha.

Keep us updated on the jersey. Curious to know about the quality from that site as well.


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Brethren "shsu1" is correct. Jersey-Joe is a legit distributor of Mitchell and Ness (M&N) gear so they are probably cool. I've purchased M&N gear from them before, as well as "Online Sports", and M&N directly. M&N is great because you'll usually receive the jersey in 2 days.

Brethren "kevinklein"- Unless you purchase game worn jerseys, the white jerseys do not have the elastic sleeves, only the team color (burgundy) jerseys.

NOTE- If you're interested in official M&N throwback jerseys you can either purchase them directly from M&N, or through legit online vendors listed on the M&N website. Vendors like Jersey-Joe, M&N, Online Sports, etc., are good because they'll e-mail you discounts on merchandise, free shipping, and upcoming releases. For example, there was a 1984 M&N white Riggins jersey released last year that sold out fairly quickly but I received e-mail notifications far in advance for pre-purchase. Last year there were several old school Redskins players who attended an autograph session in Chantilly and I got Riggins' autograph, among others. Theismann currently has a M&N jersey but don't wait as they will go quickly. Also, Sonny will have a M&N throwback released in September of this year. For avid jersey fans this will be a great addition to the collection.

I prefer throwbacks because they consist of the Redskins Legends from yester-year! You can always nab the current players' jersey, but not the legends, so...


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That hat is not an official sideline hat.

Official hats dont have the flat brim.

Look at how different this hat looks compared :

Hmm, back in th day all hats came with a flat brim, you had to bend it to shape yourself.

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Has anyone ever ordered from jersey-joe.com? I plan on getting their authentic Sean Taylor Jersey and a Redskins hat. I just wanted to know if it was legit or not. To get this jersey and hat for $185.00 is an awesome price. Thanks guys.


I don't know if the following is the case with this store, but alot of places bought old Smoot jerseys and changed the nameplates. If they did a good job its great, if not sometimes they don't look so good.

With this place offering the 70th anniversary 21 Taylor I would bet that it's a smoot jersey with a taylor nameplate.

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Anyone know where I can get a authentic customized Monk jersey?

I have looked around, and when I was on NFL.com, they didn't offer the option to customize Skins jerseys, same with reebok.com.

I got mine off of EBAY and I see they have about 25 listed right now.


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