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Effect of Redskins.com on the media


Do you care that the Media is hyping us up?  

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  1. 1. Do you care that the Media is hyping us up?

    • Yes I care! I want to be the underdogs next year so we can finally Shut the media up!!!
    • No...I'm loving it!! We are in Miami next year and the Media knows it!!!
    • I dont care what the Media thinks!

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As I was reading another thread about a USA Today article, it occurred to me that everything the author of the article wrote could be found on Redskins.com TV.

That sparked a few more thoughts.

1) I wonder if part of the Redskins overall marketing strategy includes educating the media to our point of view by making such a great (and easy to access) resource available to them via the web. To the readers who don't go to Redskins.com, the authors will look like they've done alot of research. I think that actually seeing the interviews (at their convenience btw) will help them to write more interesting articles, which is what they're being paid for. Redskins.com will make them look good.

2) And I wonder if, over time, this strategy will make the Redskins even more popular nationally, by generating more positive national Redskins coverage. i.e. will the supposed strategy work?

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If you think about it, you can find all the Redskins information, no matter where you are in the world, just by coming to redskins.com. Helps to build a worldwide fanbase when you can keep up with what is happening, even if its not on the news. Frankly, if I want to hear something Portis said, or I want to see highlights of the last game, wheres the quickest way to find it? Redskins.com

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Attacking the media is sort of like attacking referees. In both cases, it doesn't really matter.

Refs call it like they see it. So do columnists. If something looks bad to them, they'll call a foul. If columnists see something that looks bad to them, they'll write about it.

It's their opinions. They have a right to them.

Sometimes they're wrong. Most of the time they won't admit it.

But that's the name of the game.

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They report on the good things as well as the bad. It's not their fault a lot of what the Redskins do looks bad.

Hmmm Snyder and Norv was an accident waiting to happen..somewhat deserved.

but it's gone on way too far for way too long now..Gibbs did not deserve this period!

Skins made the playoffs last season with a long winning streak to boot.

Now it's obvious that it's personal with them so..I'm not gonna take it from these wannabe's.

Only a weatherman can be as wrong as most of them and still keep a job. Especially the ones who are so blatantly biased in their thoughts.

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I believe that was the whole point behind creating Redskins.com TV and acquiring this board: To give fans news straight from the source and not from mediots who would sway it enough that it sounded bad or almost even became false. And I couldn't be happier that it's the case. I don't know about everyone else, but I'd rather hear what it is rather than what Jabba the hut thinks it is.

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I'll tell you what else it does....piss ESPN and SI off. Just like NFL network has taken a piece of their pie, Danny's media savy is taking coin out of their pocket. Every time we go straight to the source for more reliable, higher quality information we are pissing on ESPN and SI and the Washington Post's sports section. You think they like owners getting involved in the information bussiness? Heck no. Danny might put them out of bussiness one day, far down the road. The Redskins have a monopoly on Redskins information, they can chose to give the scoops to this board, or Redskins.com, or Red Zebra owned radio stations. I say more power to him. If he's a better bussinessman, which at this point, when it comes to quality Redskins information, he is, then he deserves every penny he makes. I think this might be the root of Lenny P and Peter King's hatred for all things Snyder. They think he's taking food off their plate. I say its capitalism...either make a better product, or quit your whining and let the big dog eat. I'll gladly get my news from Redskins.com. I have always liked Washington Post however, and I believe they are a quality paper that provides unbiased columnists and local appeal. SI, Peter King, and Pastabelly can kiss my sweet ass...Redskins.com is providing better, higher quality information. Mr. Snyder knows bussiness, and all they can do is cry about it.

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All established (former print only) media is running scared. With all the internet resources out there, Redskins fans find out who the team signs, who is cut, who the team is interested in trading for way before anything is posted to the Washington Post or Washington Times websites. As for the print editions, forget it.

This is only exacerbated in DC because the Post has felt it has owned news in the city for years. So, they feel this trend more and more as a threat than others.

As for the national media, what the message boards and official websites have done is show Len Pasquarelli and Peter King to be the prejudiced fools that they in fact oftentimes are when reporting about a team like the Redskins where they get the facts wrong and interpret the news in a negative way because Dan Snyder didn't offer Lenny a Cohiba at the last Super Bowl party :laugh:

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