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The "Taken out of context" thread.


Which is worse:  

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  1. 1. Which is worse:

    • Madden
    • Vitale

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Tendecies thread... a TOOC gold mine.

I have penis tendencies.
i love smoking crack
I am a retard.

I did take my own sister to the prom

I have shaved off all my bodyhair, and the local pet store refuses to sell me anymore gerbils.

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could all of us hook up

Dibs. :laugh:

or can you only hook up to one person at a time?

Technically, I think it's biologically possible to hook up to three people at once. :D You may find that it's not your thing, though. :laugh:

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Big ups to Art for making it happen. He hooked up with one of the redskin tv staff to make it happen. God Bless Go Skins

In todays news: Local Moderator Art takes one for the team, by sleeping with a redskinTV intern in order to somehow blackmail Renaldo Wynn to join Extreme Skins....

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