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The "Taken out of context" thread.


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What's for dinner tonite ? Thread

I knew it. I just knew it. While I was writing that I just knew it. That's what the :doh: is there for. Sigh. :doh and :doh: again.

I now know without a doubt I am truly a blonde.

I have NO idea what this is suppose to mean.....taken out of context.

Maybe it will come to me later........and I will giggle.

Sometimes being a blonde is so hard.

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No worries Blondie. I have no idea exactly what the problem with what I said and how it is out of context, (being that it's quoted exactly), however it just "sounded" wrong,(read: Men thinking crudely), when I typed it and I just knew that somehow it would end up in this thread. :)

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It is now POURING rain here in Houston.......and I am going to try to venture out and find a pharmacy.

I wish I had something to stick down my throat to scratch where it itches.

Thanks y'all.

I may buy all of this stuff.

It was only a matter of time :)

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