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No more Brunel


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He signed a 7 year contract :doh: . We dont have much choice.

This is true. We got locked in to him, bad business move, but at least it wasn't Jeff George. Oh wait, that happened too... damn.:helmet:

No Brunell is alot better than Jeff George could only dream about. I just think that Brunell would have originally signed for a great deal less.:logo:

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I just can't believe that we still have to see this **** spewed all over the place in the wake of the recent statements and overtures by Brunell.

:puke: That's what I think of this thread.

That is what I think of these posts as well. He is a team player and did a lot to help the Skins yesterday. Not to mention he had a heck of a year, led us to the playoffs and should have been a probowler.

Can we at least take a hiatus on the Brunell-bashing? Maybe just for a day?

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One of the worst posts this week.

Can someone tell me why you would ask this question, when Brunell has a long term contract it would cost us more to get him out of? The man is on the team, and he isnt going anywhere unless he retires.

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